Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friday on a Sunday

I know, I know, I'm a little late with this outfit post...and this is my first OOTD (outfit of the day for you amateurs reading!) post in what seems like forever. This is what I wore to the bar on Friday night:
Gap silk kimono blouse, Forever21 dark wash jeggings, Silver buckle belt (borrowed from my Mom), Sam Edelman black boots (not pictured but seen here). 
So I'm back from my little overnight road trip to UMASS to visit my sister. There were a few road blocks (once I was there, not on the road thankfully). But despite all our little tiffs (aka the road blocks) in addition to some bickering, I have never been so proud of my sister before. She has overcome so much this year and I am just such a happy big sister...and now I'm getting a little homesick. Hopefully the February InStyle, a hot shower, catching up on some blogs that I love, and some organizing will help me feel better! Tomorrow is my first day at my internship, working the event StyleWeek Providence so I am extremely nervous! I am definitely doing an outfit post tomorrow so check back!
What do you do to get over homesickness? 



  1. Love the watch! Sounds like a good time! Have a blast!

  2. glad you had such a fun time with the sister! the best part about sister fighting is that she's stuck with you no matter what! hahaha :)

  3. hey girl. you look really nice. I will be follow your blog ;)