Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Internship Loving

Today was the first "official" day of my internship in office. It was so much fun and I am starting a ton of projects for various clients (I don't know how much I can blog about, I will definitely ask so I can share some fun stories with you all!) The dress code was very casual so that is exactly what I did:
Cardigan: Gap, Button Down Shirt: clearance rack at Marshall's, Jeans: Forever21, Boots: Bass, Belt: gifted from Mom, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: H&M

I wish I had more time to blog about my day but I have so much work to do!
And the snow won't stop falling...I just want to play (sadly I must work-on...)
How is everyone's week going? Are you guys as busy as me?
Ohhh...and a special thanks to Sydney for helping me with the pictures!  


  1. that's great you're having fun at your internship baby :) I love the outfit!! Blue always works :) You look gorgeous!


  2. Cute outfit. I wish my job was that fun...bahh...alas, the life of a crim major.

  3. Super cute!!! Hope you're liking your internship and I hope they let you share some stories :)

    Stay warm...I'm snowed in today!