Tuesday, November 30, 2010



So since I have been procrastinating all day I figured I would share my new obsession: reading Christing's blog Fashion Hedonism. This blog showcases styles that I wish I could come up with!
She is located in the UK and is moving to Hong Kong..how cool is that?!?!
Christing's blog seriously makes me question what I am doing with my life: I want to jet set, go out for chic dinners wearing gorgeous clothes...can that be me?
I am seriously going to attempt a more fabulous life in Rhode Island!
Here are some pictures from her site, if you have never visited it you are missing out!
PS: sorry for all the exclamation points, I guess I just get really excited about things and need to emphasize my enthusiasm, oh well.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lace and Floral--Sign Me Up

This is just a picture of a dress me and D are obsessed with so I had to share.
It's from the site Lulu's, which is a decently priced clothing website.
Upside: amazingly cute clothes...especially dresses
Downside: only online orders
What do you guys think?
Flowers of Fall Lace Floral Dress

Speed Demon

Hey ladies!
Okay, so yesterday was not the greatest day. Well it started GREAT! An awesome breakfast (yogurt, cut up granny smith apple, honey sunshine Kashi cereal, blackberry, wheat-germ homemade parfait YUM!) followed by a great gym session...then on my way driving back to school BLAM! I got a $294 speeding ticket, I wanted to cry, scream, yell and explode, but I just sat there patiently as the police officer wrote me up. This very expensive lesson that I learned yesterday was a wake up call of some sorts for me...I drive way too fast, I have a lead foot, period. So when I finally got back to school I was not in the best of spirits. However, one trip to Charlie O's with my friends and 2 $5.00 pitchers of pink Sangria later, I was feeling happy, light-hearted and...drunk? I know I shouldn't be posting about my intoxication (on the Internet?) but I needed to get loose and alleviate myself of some tension, and I am 21 so it is perfectly legal, so I will continue talking about this. My liquid courage was the perfect motivator and at the bar I asked my friend to formal, score! So, now I have formal shoes, a formal date, and now I need a formal dress (okay, okay, I kind of have one, but there's always room for improvement and new ideas right?).

Today, despite a massive hangover, I am feeling pretty good. I had a great breakfast, drove below 40mph all the way to school listening to OAR and the Pussycat Dolls (weird combination right?) and I feel pretty good about life. This is my outfit: comfortable and casual, perfect for the chilly yet sunny Rhode Island day.
  1. American Eagle plaid flannel long sleeve button down (gifted from Mom)
  2. BASS skinny leg "trouser" jeans
  3. Minnetonka moccasins
  4. Skinny gold headband (from Aldo Accessories)
Again sorry for the horrible quality pictures! I do have a camera, but when I do self-timer shots they look horrible and do not get my whole outfit anyway. I need my roommates to take my pictures but they sleep in so late (lazy bums!), or actually...I just wake up entirely too early. Who goes to sleep drunk off sangria and 2am and wakes up (internal alarm clock) at 7am? This girl right here!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far. Appreciate the sunshine and look for the small things in life to make you happy, that's what I am doing! Can you guys believe there are only 2 more weeks of classes left?!?!

Friday, November 26, 2010


How was every one's Thanksgiving?

Mine was pretty good: great food, family, and a bunch of laughs...
Despite the Holiday cheer: the colorful leaves, sweet aromas, gift giving guides, and (gasp, already!) Christmas music, it may be hard to believe that I am in a rut.
It's not like I am stressed, or heartbreakingly sad...I am just blah!
I wish I could clearly articulate my stresses or worries, it would probably be therapeutic and helpful but for some weird and bizarre reason, I can't get it out; I can't unleash the inner demons that are driving me mad right now, absolutely MAD!
I think it's the feeling of being stuck: stuck in a place, stuck with the same people (although I love everyone in my life). I crave something new and different, which is weird considering I am usually scared of change. I am just looking for something....new? different? unexpected? challenging?

I know this is a fashion blog, and no one wants to read about my foolish woes, so I guess I can appease you all...although I do not have an outfit post (major SLACKER, I have been bumming it since I have been home for break), I have something I want to show you guys!
These are the new black heels I got at Forever21 for $23.00.
They are super high and super cute and I can't wait to wear them at my sorority formal in December...all I need now is a dress....oh yeah, and a date!

What do you guys think? Do you love them as much as I do?

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Break, let me know all your black Friday purchases!
I hope I can get out of this rut: so far I have been trying with tons of Kettle Corn and movie--I went from Post Grad to Sweet November.
Wish me luck!

PS: I guess enjoying the simple things in life is my first step in getting over this rut. I am just going to take some advice from the character of Adam Davies in Post Grad,
"Every evil, terrible thing that ever occurs in the world is directly offset, counterbalanced if you will, by the complete utter joy of biting into an Eskimo Pie. It's the way we maintain balance in the universe."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Want It Now!

Hey there!
This is just a quick post because I came across this picture on Tumblr and loved it!
I am looking to create this exact outfit...EXACT!
It's love, a totally obsessive, creepy stalker boyfriend Mark Wahlberg in Fear kind of love.

Here it is:
It's vintage-y, floral, modern, pretty, sexy, minimal, detailed, textured, flow-y and structured...all at the same time!

And if you love looking at pictures like these, and other odd inspirations, check out my Tumblr!
Have a great Tuesday everyone...after tying up some odds and ends here I will be back on the road, heading to NY for Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see you D!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Repeat Offender

I may be going crazy, not quite sure, but for some reason I feel like I have worn this outfit before. The outfit is all basics, but I think the stripped cardigan I am wearing is so memorable that I feel like I am wearing this outfit all over again...okay, it is kind of similar...or exactly the same, minus different wash jeans and different shoes.
Oh well! Have you guys ever worn the same outfits and not even noticed?

Anyway, today is Monday and I think it will be the first and only day of classes for me this week. Yes, I do have classes on Wednesday but I am thinking I will bypass those and go home early for THANKSGIVING! I haven't even missed a class this semester so I think it is my obligation as a College Senior to finally skip some classes!
What does everyone have planned for Thanksgiving? Mine will hopefully be filled with great food, shopping expeditions with my sister and New York City bar nights (a girl can hope at least!) Also, I may need a new computer because my MacBook is biting the dust and it is really depressing, it is basically my lifeline!

Last night when I went to sleep I was seriously bummed, I guess I am just overwhelmed with little decisions that I need to make. Are these decisions that important or are they just distractions to break up the monotony of my daily life? Whose to know. But when I woke up this morning I was determined to start fresh, to not let the little things bring me down, to know that I am a great, beautiful person and I deserve everything that I want and I will not rest until I get it!
Sorry for my little rant/anthem, on to the outfit:
  1. BASS medium wash jeans
  2. Blue and white stripped J.Crew cardigan
  3. White Vintage Brand long sleeve t-shirt
  4. Brown tall boots with gold details
The outfit is pretty basic if I do say so myself.
I have a major question to pose: how do you avoid having your jeans get saggy around your knees when you tuck your pants into knee-high boots. That is my ultimate pet peeve. I hate when jeans bunch around your knees, it just looks so sloppy and messy. I tried tucking my jeans into my socks and pulling them tight when I step into my boots...I just can't solve this issue! Can someone be my jean-tucking-fairy-godmother and tell me the secrets to perfectly tucked jeans?
I think tomorrow I am going to post a list of things I really want to buy for the winter season, or maybe my ideal new years eve party dress? Whatever I decide I know it is going to be fabulous! I can't wait to go home and start shopping, I need some glitz and sparkle in the form of a new party dress and I especially can't wait to be with D so we can finally shop together after 3 months of being apart!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hey everyone!
First off, I have a question: do you guys like when I post my outfits better, or post about things I like, or both? I am really trying to make my blog easy to relate to and want to get more followers, do you guys have any suggestions how to do this, it seems like a really hard task to accomplish. I know my blog is relatively new (2-3 months old) but I am actually obsessed with it. Any comments you can offer to improve the overall quality of Candidly Cassie would be greatly appreciated and very helpful!

Yesterday was quite a day, some things I did:
  • gym where I worked my butt out to the brim (1 hour of cardio, hoo-rah!)
  • food shopping (got to stock up on some Granny Smith Apples and Honey Sunshine Kashi cereal)
  • Walmart run for some new leggings (hello OP $5)
  • massive amount of homework (projects/papers--ew!)
  • beach walk with my friend James to clear my head
  • BIG LITTLE--I am officially a grand big to the cutest grand little in the world--WELCOME TO THE FAMILY BECCA!
  • Bonvue: can you say beer pong playing until 3am once we left the bar? Oh the perks of being 21
Anyway, although I was feeling the effects of last night when I woke up, I decided to pretify myself this morning so I can promote the "look good, feel good" mantra I preach on this blog!
Here is what I am wearing:
  1. Black OP leggings from Walmart ($5 and do not fall down like my forever21 one's...these are my new obsession)
  2. Black long sleeve J. Crew tissue tee bought from the outlets a few summers ago
  3. Tall black BASS riding boots
  4. Forever21 turquoise beaded tunic
  5. GAP Waffle cardigan (not pictured) that I seem to wear every day of my life (I even wore it to the gym on Wednesday, what!!!)

So the reason why I call this post Hippie-Equestrian...I have all the elements of an equestrian look--black leggings aka standing in as my riding pants, black tall leather riding boots, and a fitted black long sleeve shirt. However, the beaded turquoise tunic gives the look a little hippie/boho flair which is why I combined the two...how clever am I?

Okay lovely readers, I am off to do some work and plan out my weekend...I have a "P" party tonight where everyone must dress up as something that starts with the letter "P." Any suggestions on what I should be? Have a great weekend and look for some new posts! Again, please follow if you read: I will bake you cookies! XOXO

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blah-de-da Day

So today was such a rushed morning for me...I was thinking that maybe I wouldn't even be able to post, how sad is that?
Let me explain, I woke up around 6:40 am (why can't I ever sleep?!) and wandered downstairs to get some Cran-Grape Juice, when I came back upstairs I just closed my eyes in my bed and BLAM, I wake up to my alarm clock at 8:30a am. Now, to most of you this is really early, and you are probably thinking "why would you set your alarm at that time if it's past the time you want to get up?" Well readers, it's because I never sleep that late so the alarm clock is really pointless...but I guess it saved me today.
Essentially, the whole morning was rushed, I was throwing clothes left and right and I was unsure of the weather, is it raining or sunny?

This is what I settled on:
Black Old Navy Leggings. Apparently these are the only leggings that do not fall down 2 seconds after putting them on. Seriously, I know I wear my black Forever21 leggings all the time and they are comfortable...fabric, but they suck at staying in place. Next time I am in Warwick I am totally going to buy some long Old Navy leggings because nothing can compete. I am also wearing my gray and red stripped tunic that I recently got at Wetseal for $7.00. I have never really shopped there before but I had to run in the other night to get some accessories for our 80's social on Monday and I saw stripes and couldn't resist...I am a prep after all!
Lastly, I am wearing my Sperry Top-Sider's which are the best most comfortable shoes in the entire world, perfect for those not so-so-rainy days, but still see puddles on the group sort of mornings.

Anyway, I am going to continue my hectic day right now, doing homework, going to the gym after classes, rushing home to shower, attend "So you think you can dance" Philanthropy Week event, and then a BET vs. CMTV social later...oh the life of a busy college girl.

*Please, please, please follow me and comment if you like what I am posting about...It would really mean the world to me!!!
Have a great Wednesday!

And again, sorry for the blurriness, I need to find out a way to take clear body-shot pictures on my camera self-timer without them looking horrible, and this iphoto thing is not working out!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Switch It Up

So today is one of those days...
I have so much to do, and although it seems like I have it all together (a random passerby would have no idea that I am freaking out on the inside), I am a whirlwind of emotion right now.
  • Why are boys so confusing? Can the games end today? Tomorrow? Ever?
  • How do you choose between 2 great opportunities? How can I know I am making the right choice?
  • How can I avoid feeling disappointed when something doesn't work out exactly as I hoped it would?
  • How you do stay inspired when things can feel so mundane at times?
So in between all my questions of life, doing homework, planning to attend 3 social for Philanthropy week (this week!) and BLOGGING I am overwhelmed by possibilities...how does a person ever know if they are choosing the right thing at the right time. I think that is why I ended up second guessing my outfit today and wearing a long black GAP cardigan instead of my faux fur Kenzie vest...couldn't handle the risk? Why not go with my original plans, why switch up the game?
I am trying a new look today, something way out of my comfort zone, and I posted about it yesterday, tights with jeans shorts. I am wearing my Black bamboo BASS tights with my cutoff American Eagle Denim Shorts. I am also wearing my long sleeve black cashmere BASS turtleneck and BASS black biker boots.
Do you think I buy enough clothes at BASS? I just can't get enough! Their clothes are so comfortable and cute, I love how it is a mix between L.L. Bean and J. Crew (I love that look!)
Anyway, what does everyone think about the tights and jean shorts (or any shorts?) I am starting to really like this look ever since I have seen tons of pictures of Katie Holmes wearing this style--I just love her fashion sense. I think it took a lot of courage for me to wear this today, because I am usually a little self-conscious when dressing. However, I am a million times more confident today than I was a few years ago...maybe even a few months ago.
This blog has seriously given me the courage to try new things and get excited to get dressed every single day. I have a certain level of pride now and that is so exciting, to know that clothes can exude power and confidence and make you feel like you can walk on water.
I hope everyone feels this type of power when they get dressed everyday. I don't dress for others, I dress for myself. I need to take this mentality with me and apply it to other aspects of my life. I deserve to be happy, we all do, and if something is not making us happy anymore we need to change it--whether it is a boy, job, friendship, or simply a t-shirt that is no longer up to par in one's closet, we need to alter the circumstance to make ourselves happy!

I hope everyone gets though their Monday with a big smile on their face! I am trying to hard despite the stress.
This is a little link to get you all excited for the day...Colbie Caillat- I want you back

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi! Just another quick post for the day, I saw this image and had to share...I love this outfit and am going to try and recreate it soon!

On another note: I want to try the tights under jean shorts look, what do you guys think? Is it a do or don't? I really need feedback!

Look how Keira Knightley and Milla Jovovich do it! Do you guys like the boots or flats better?

Lanvin for H&M!

Today is going to be LONG day! So much for my lazy Sunday...
I have sorority "this" and sorority "that" so this is a short post to hold me over until tomorrow morning.
I just wanted to share two dresses I am absolutely obsessed with Lanvin for H&M.
This amazingly beautiful design house is creating affordable pieces now. Look at these dresses...

I want both of these...please & thanks!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Black on Black

Good Morning!
The sun is shining so bright today, and I am loving how warm it is, I didn't even need to wear a jacket today! Seriously, I am so happy right now!
So even though a posted about 2 hours ago (why was I even up?) I am going to post again...because this is my outfit post...duh!
Disclaimer: after my outfit descriptions I am just going to write a little about following your dreams: prepare to be inspired!

's outfit:
I am wearing my black cashmere French Connection sweater which has a slouchy turtleneck look. I love this sweater for 2 reasons. One, it is super comfortable and two, I got it on sale at Marshalls for $10. Cashmere for $10? French Connection for $10? I will take it! On my lower half, I am wearing my Forever21 jeggings...again. Wow, I just can't get enough. I seriously want a black pair, I wear them with everything. But on a real and practical note: they are so much warmer than cotton leggings. More fabric, more structured fit and perfect for the approaching winter. Lastly, I am wearing my new tall black BASS leather boots that I got while I was at home earlier this week! They are so comfortable and I already wore them once to my internship interview yesterday. By the way, sorry there was no post yesterday, I was super stressed out with...LIFE? Who knows, but that seems to be my excuse recently, life stress.

Anyway, on to the inspiration of this post (mainly for you D!):
Always follow your heart no matter what or where it tells you to go. I believe in trusting your heart because it has the purest and truest intentions for an individual. Everyone's heart is different and my heart will tell me to handle a situation totally different than yours would...that's why it's so special. There are so many people out there who will never understand why your heart tells you to do something a certain way, but that's not their problem. Live life in the direction your heart leads you and happiness will be sure to follow.

"A good heart is better than all the heads in the world."
-- Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton

Ah Post-o-holic!

I have been so great with posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...and then blam! I took a few days off, going home and interviewing for dream internships and I got distracted.
I promise I am going to post later today (dare I say even again this morning?) But I wanted to share 2 jackets that I fell in love with while reading my Google Reader.
These are from the site The Village, check it out because it's awesome!
Both are found here:
PS: I am in love with the whole outfit on the right! The structured two-tone blazer, the casual white t, the black leggings and caramel over the knee boots...drool!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Smiling in the Snow

Hey everyone,

I have so much on my mind today it is not even funny. First off, how is it snowing in November? I guess it has happened before but I don't even remember when, it just seems wrong for there to be snow before Thanksgiving. Due to the unanticipated snow fall I am unsure if I can go home to NY today. I planned on making the trip because I only have class Monday and Friday...and I really needed a hug from my mom...and I also wanted to see my grandma before she heads down to Florida for the winter.
Why else did I want to go home? I don't know...school stress, potential career stress, boy stress, too much pressure to be amazing at everything stress?
Everything just seems overwhelming recently and I wanted to go home, have some R&R and get a manicure and pedicure at STAR nails for $15, not the inflated RI prices of $35 for a pedicure. A girl needs some pampering and beautifying, especially in the winter time.

Anyway, when I got up this morning I saw the snow and thought to myself "Great...I have no Uggs, no Jacket, no gloves, no hat!" So I decided to throw on my Hunter Rain Boots and figure the rest out from there. I decided on my Forever21 Jeggings (which I have been living in). They are warmer than leggings but structured like jeans, so they suck everything right in. I wish I invested in more of these and if anyone knows where to buy them, let me know! What else am I wearing? My gray long sleeve Kenzie tunic, with my Black Bass cardigan on top. I am also wearing my red Express sequin and ribbon scarf that I got at Marshalls a few weeks ago, remember?
Ah, that is a big part of going home. Marshalls trips with my mom and grandma, nothing like it!

Accessories: Swiss Military two-tone (silver & gold) watch, and 2 bracelets: a heart shaped one from my Aunt, and my Mother's old hooking bangle (LOVE!) Lastly, a faux pearl barrette in my hair.

I hope I end up going home today after my 1pm class. I really need to go home, I really want to go home, so I must, right?

PS: D, if your reading this (I know you are, your my most faithful reader), stay strong at school and get through these last few weeks before Thanksgiving break! This is meant to encourage you. And...I will buy you something with mom and grandma and send it to you so get ready for a package sees-tah!!

Oh, while I was typing this post I just found out I was offered an internship at a big Marketing firm in Providence for next semester! I will update soon when I know more information...I guess today is turning around!

"When Life Gives You Snowflakes, Dance in Them!"

*Sorry for the horrible picture quality!*

Friday, November 5, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours!

Rain, rain go away, come again another day!
Ugh, it's raining in Rhode Island...again. This state just seems to flood non-stop and as much as I love my Hunter Rain boots, I didn't have it in me to wear them today. I thought to myself, if I do not acknowledge the rain, maybe it will stop, and maybe I won't get soaking wet walking up the massive hill from the commuter parking lot to the memorial union...no such luck AKA drenched!

So what did I decide to wear on this rainy day that I refused to recognize?
I decided to wear my long black Forever21 leggings. I don't really know why but rainy days require leggings, or sweatpants. I hate when I wear jeans in the rain. They get wet, stiff and I am just uncomfortable for the remainder of my time wearing them. However, I must admit when you finally take them off and throw on a pair of comfy sweats there is no better feeling in the world. Throw in some fuzzy socks, a stack of glossy fashion magazines, and a cup of hot tea and I am in heaven, I don't know about you guys.
On top I decided to wear my Kimichi Blue (brand) purple and black plaid long sleeve tunic from Urban Outfitters. Well actually this was my sisters and she gave it to me, so thanks D (I needed a long shirt to wear on days like these!). For boots, I am wearing my Bass Black leather Biker boots. They are so comfortable and cute and I actually love them! Funny thing is, they are actually good in the rain because the droplets fall right off of leather.
And...despite my complaining that I was drenched walking up here (I actually looked like I went through a car wash), I am dry now and pretty toasty sitting in the Ram's Den, waiting for my friend Derek to come sit with me (so I can procrastinate further...hello procrastination Friday?!?) I am consumed by the aroma of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches and hazelnut coffee and it just makes this rainy day seem so much better.

Hair= naturally wavy (leave me alone, it's raining and frizzing up, not quite Richard Simmons style...but pretty close)
Makeup= same old, same old. However, in the new Women's Heath Magazine this month cover girl Lauren Conrad gives her tips to do the perfect "top line" with eyeliner so I am trying that later today. You know just bumming around on my rainy Friday, listening to The Script and attempting to do my eye makeup like my girl crush Lauren Conrad (wow, I have a lot of girl crushes right? Ah, whatever, I am just an inspired girl!).

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend!
Thanks for reading and please remember, if you ever want to comment, email, tweet to me (anything!) don't hesitate, I would love to hear from you all!

*I have a Tumblr which is filled with inspirational pictures and quotes, check it out!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Straight Lines

It's getting cold out and usually I love the upcoming days to the official winter season...except, this year at school I am without all my warm clothes! What gives? I guess in the spur of the moment packing for school this year (yes, 2 days before I left home), I forgot all of my boots, sweaters and jackets...oh and gloves too! So basically I am walking around in light weight cardigans and Minnetonka moccasins...the cold is no match for me!

I have been so stressed lately with life...well not really life (maybe random elements that add up and when I'm dramatic make me say LIFE!) So I was thinking that if I listed what's going on in my head I will feel better...yeah, I am THAT GIRL!
  • Why do people pretend like they are listening and don't? Why ask me a question if you don't care what I have to say? Isn't that a waste of your time?
  • How am I going to find a job after graduation? Why do I feel like I must "follow the herd" and go to Grad school when I have absolutely no idea what I would possibly go for...yet! Why do I care that people keep asking me why I am NOT going to grad school right away?
  • Boys...enough said! Why do boys say exactly what you want to hear at exactly the right time? Why can't they say what's really on their minds? How do they get you to say your feelings while keeping themselves hidden? How is that fair?
  • Money! Why does money get spent so quickly? Why do I find the need to buy myself "cheer up sunshine!" presents on the daily. How many nail polishes and magazines can a girl buy in month?
Okay, sorry for that rant. If your still reading this is what I am wearing today...
Like I said it's cold outside, so I wanted to layer...I started off with a plain white long sleeve t-shirt from Target aka the best place to get basic layering pieces (ex: long sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, t-shirts: all cuts and styles). On top of that I am wearing my J.Crew blue and white stripped cardigan that my parents and sister picked out for me at the outlets last year. Oh, getting a lovely package of J.Crew cold-weather essentials in the mail during midterm week...priceless. Speaking of J.Crew, how cute are these photos?
I am wearing my dark wash BASS jeans today. I feel like the colder and closer to winter it gets, the more I embrace dark colors in all aspects of style: dark nail polish, jeans, sweaters, shirts...EVERYTHING! I don't know why but it just feels so toasty and snug like I can hole up in my room with some hot coco, a good book, a stack of magazines, and a massive to-do list (oh how I love to-do lists!)
I am wearing my Minnetonka moccasins basically because I don't have anything that much warmer right now...but surprisingly they are decently warm PLUS they are molded to my feel perfectly so I really wouldn't want to wear anything else.
*Okay, okay fine: my toes WERE still freezing walking up the hill to the union today!
Lastly, I am wearing my long gold chain necklace with heart charm that I got in Soho when I was working at Scholastic Publishing Company two summers ago.

Sorry for the long length of this post, I guess I have a lot to say today...I am going to start my home work because lately my days have been a huge blur of procrastination...and I am not sure why (I am NEVER this way! HELLO I AM A VIRGO!)
I really just want to live on the bright side...whose with me?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Seeing Spots

It is freezing this morning!
I was starting to get comfortable with the whole flip flops and t-shirts in October kind of thing. But since it is now officially November I think that it makes sense that my toes are frozen solid in my GAP flats!
This weekend was so much fun and I am officially HALLOWEENED out! 4 nights of festivities is just way too much. I got about 5 hours of sleep a night since Thursday, but that's college for ya right?!?

Anyway, this morning when I got dressed all I wanted to do was be comfortable so this is what I wore:
I started off with my medium wash BASS jeans. Let me clarify, I own abut 4 pairs of jeans from BASS (I know I wear them all the time but it's because they are the perfect amount of stretch and stiffness, and YOU CAN NOT GET THAT EVERYWHERE!) I just washed this pair too so they are tight in all the right places, nothing beats freshly washed and dried jeans....NOTHING!
On top I decided to wear a black button down (3/4 length) blouse that I got on clearance at Marshalls.

Word to all my faithful readers: check the clearance racks at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx first because usually their discounted items are amazingly cheap and out of this world!

I decided to wear my blue GAP denim ruffle flats...again! I think I posted once about my random fixations on certain items and how I wear them until I basically can't anymore. Funnily enough this is turning into one of those types of things...again. This summer I lived in these flats, then got bored with them, threw them in the back of my closet (well actually meticulously placed because I have closet organization OCD) only to return to them...right now!

But remember my whole motto on a statement piece: let the other aspects of your outfit be basics? Well, I am trying the animal print trend. I am not a huge pattern/print type of gal. I can appreciate it on others and subtly mix it into my style, but it is not my thing. However, I really wanted to try a splash of leopard print in my life and did through the gray leopard print scarf.

Funny story about this scarf: I went with my friend to Walmart to get a Halloween costume for him and he decided on a camouflage t-shirt, plastic machete and black bandanna (a type of soldier in the wilderness type? who knows!) Although the drive to Walmart took forever (thank you 25mph speed limits everywhere in Rhode Island) it was necessary because he wanted to spend his $30 Walmart gift card...because most college students have Walmart gift cards. Anyway, for taking the trip he bought me this $5.00 scarf and to be quite honest it is so comfortable I think I want to go back and get more!

Lastly, I threw on my GAP long black waffle cardigan (here and almost every other post!) because it is so chilly out, and let me say this did not warm me up, I really need to look for a new winter coat...a long length, super comfortable, plush, piece of amazingness might I add!

Oh, and accessories: I decided to wear my favorite beaded ring that my aunt got for me (seen here).

I hope everyone has a great Monday!
Stay WARM!