Monday, November 15, 2010

Switch It Up

So today is one of those days...
I have so much to do, and although it seems like I have it all together (a random passerby would have no idea that I am freaking out on the inside), I am a whirlwind of emotion right now.
  • Why are boys so confusing? Can the games end today? Tomorrow? Ever?
  • How do you choose between 2 great opportunities? How can I know I am making the right choice?
  • How can I avoid feeling disappointed when something doesn't work out exactly as I hoped it would?
  • How you do stay inspired when things can feel so mundane at times?
So in between all my questions of life, doing homework, planning to attend 3 social for Philanthropy week (this week!) and BLOGGING I am overwhelmed by does a person ever know if they are choosing the right thing at the right time. I think that is why I ended up second guessing my outfit today and wearing a long black GAP cardigan instead of my faux fur Kenzie vest...couldn't handle the risk? Why not go with my original plans, why switch up the game?
I am trying a new look today, something way out of my comfort zone, and I posted about it yesterday, tights with jeans shorts. I am wearing my Black bamboo BASS tights with my cutoff American Eagle Denim Shorts. I am also wearing my long sleeve black cashmere BASS turtleneck and BASS black biker boots.
Do you think I buy enough clothes at BASS? I just can't get enough! Their clothes are so comfortable and cute, I love how it is a mix between L.L. Bean and J. Crew (I love that look!)
Anyway, what does everyone think about the tights and jean shorts (or any shorts?) I am starting to really like this look ever since I have seen tons of pictures of Katie Holmes wearing this style--I just love her fashion sense. I think it took a lot of courage for me to wear this today, because I am usually a little self-conscious when dressing. However, I am a million times more confident today than I was a few years ago...maybe even a few months ago.
This blog has seriously given me the courage to try new things and get excited to get dressed every single day. I have a certain level of pride now and that is so exciting, to know that clothes can exude power and confidence and make you feel like you can walk on water.
I hope everyone feels this type of power when they get dressed everyday. I don't dress for others, I dress for myself. I need to take this mentality with me and apply it to other aspects of my life. I deserve to be happy, we all do, and if something is not making us happy anymore we need to change it--whether it is a boy, job, friendship, or simply a t-shirt that is no longer up to par in one's closet, we need to alter the circumstance to make ourselves happy!

I hope everyone gets though their Monday with a big smile on their face! I am trying to hard despite the stress.
This is a little link to get you all excited for the day...Colbie Caillat- I want you back

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  1. You can never know if you're making the right choice... you just have to take a leap of faith! In the words of Tim Gunn, "make it work!" And I know you will, because you're faaaabulous!