Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blah-de-da Day

So today was such a rushed morning for me...I was thinking that maybe I wouldn't even be able to post, how sad is that?
Let me explain, I woke up around 6:40 am (why can't I ever sleep?!) and wandered downstairs to get some Cran-Grape Juice, when I came back upstairs I just closed my eyes in my bed and BLAM, I wake up to my alarm clock at 8:30a am. Now, to most of you this is really early, and you are probably thinking "why would you set your alarm at that time if it's past the time you want to get up?" Well readers, it's because I never sleep that late so the alarm clock is really pointless...but I guess it saved me today.
Essentially, the whole morning was rushed, I was throwing clothes left and right and I was unsure of the weather, is it raining or sunny?

This is what I settled on:
Black Old Navy Leggings. Apparently these are the only leggings that do not fall down 2 seconds after putting them on. Seriously, I know I wear my black Forever21 leggings all the time and they are comfortable...fabric, but they suck at staying in place. Next time I am in Warwick I am totally going to buy some long Old Navy leggings because nothing can compete. I am also wearing my gray and red stripped tunic that I recently got at Wetseal for $7.00. I have never really shopped there before but I had to run in the other night to get some accessories for our 80's social on Monday and I saw stripes and couldn't resist...I am a prep after all!
Lastly, I am wearing my Sperry Top-Sider's which are the best most comfortable shoes in the entire world, perfect for those not so-so-rainy days, but still see puddles on the group sort of mornings.

Anyway, I am going to continue my hectic day right now, doing homework, going to the gym after classes, rushing home to shower, attend "So you think you can dance" Philanthropy Week event, and then a BET vs. CMTV social later...oh the life of a busy college girl.

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Have a great Wednesday!

And again, sorry for the blurriness, I need to find out a way to take clear body-shot pictures on my camera self-timer without them looking horrible, and this iphoto thing is not working out!

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