Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Straight Lines

It's getting cold out and usually I love the upcoming days to the official winter season...except, this year at school I am without all my warm clothes! What gives? I guess in the spur of the moment packing for school this year (yes, 2 days before I left home), I forgot all of my boots, sweaters and jackets...oh and gloves too! So basically I am walking around in light weight cardigans and Minnetonka moccasins...the cold is no match for me!

I have been so stressed lately with life...well not really life (maybe random elements that add up and when I'm dramatic make me say LIFE!) So I was thinking that if I listed what's going on in my head I will feel better...yeah, I am THAT GIRL!
  • Why do people pretend like they are listening and don't? Why ask me a question if you don't care what I have to say? Isn't that a waste of your time?
  • How am I going to find a job after graduation? Why do I feel like I must "follow the herd" and go to Grad school when I have absolutely no idea what I would possibly go for...yet! Why do I care that people keep asking me why I am NOT going to grad school right away?
  • Boys...enough said! Why do boys say exactly what you want to hear at exactly the right time? Why can't they say what's really on their minds? How do they get you to say your feelings while keeping themselves hidden? How is that fair?
  • Money! Why does money get spent so quickly? Why do I find the need to buy myself "cheer up sunshine!" presents on the daily. How many nail polishes and magazines can a girl buy in month?
Okay, sorry for that rant. If your still reading this is what I am wearing today...
Like I said it's cold outside, so I wanted to layer...I started off with a plain white long sleeve t-shirt from Target aka the best place to get basic layering pieces (ex: long sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, t-shirts: all cuts and styles). On top of that I am wearing my J.Crew blue and white stripped cardigan that my parents and sister picked out for me at the outlets last year. Oh, getting a lovely package of J.Crew cold-weather essentials in the mail during midterm week...priceless. Speaking of J.Crew, how cute are these photos?
I am wearing my dark wash BASS jeans today. I feel like the colder and closer to winter it gets, the more I embrace dark colors in all aspects of style: dark nail polish, jeans, sweaters, shirts...EVERYTHING! I don't know why but it just feels so toasty and snug like I can hole up in my room with some hot coco, a good book, a stack of magazines, and a massive to-do list (oh how I love to-do lists!)
I am wearing my Minnetonka moccasins basically because I don't have anything that much warmer right now...but surprisingly they are decently warm PLUS they are molded to my feel perfectly so I really wouldn't want to wear anything else.
*Okay, okay fine: my toes WERE still freezing walking up the hill to the union today!
Lastly, I am wearing my long gold chain necklace with heart charm that I got in Soho when I was working at Scholastic Publishing Company two summers ago.

Sorry for the long length of this post, I guess I have a lot to say today...I am going to start my home work because lately my days have been a huge blur of procrastination...and I am not sure why (I am NEVER this way! HELLO I AM A VIRGO!)
I really just want to live on the bright side...whose with me?

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