Friday, October 29, 2010


Okay, so let me start this post off by saying that last night was absolutely insane!

I had my interview in the morning and it went well. As I headed from beautiful and sunny Providence into foggy and rainy Narragansett, I realized that I didn't have a Halloween costume yet. Now most people (aka non-college students) are thinking to themselves, "Halloween isn't Thursday, why do you need a costume now?" Well dear readers, let me answer that question for you. Thursday night is basically Halloween, actually any night the week before Halloween is Halloween, catch on yet? I need multiple costumes. Last night I was a cop and basically scrambled to get a costume together, eventually borrowing it from my friend K at around 8:00pm. I think tonight me and my friend R are going to be nerds? Everything changes though, just like my daily outfits my Halloween costumes are just as dynamic and susceptible to changing at the last minute.
Funny story:
Last night at the bar the cop asked me if he could borrow my handcuffs. Mind you, they are plastic and in my "altered state" I found this comment to be hilarious. I usually try to avoid cops, but last night we were laughing with them, using my plastic walkie talkie, yelling "10-4 and copy ranger." I LOVE COLLEGE!

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning I was a mess! For the past week or so my first class has been canceled so I could take my sweet time in the morning, but this morning it's back on so that means I had to get it together...and quickly! So I did what any normal fashion blogger would do...basics and a statement piece...easy & breezy!
I am wearing my medium wash BASS jeans, with a black tissue long t-shirt from J. Crew. I think I have spoken about how awesome the Crew tissue t's are. They are super comfortable and if you go to the outlets to buy them (instead of full retail price in the store) you can get them from next to nothing. I basically live in the 4 or 5 that I have. I am wearing my denim GAP ruffle ballet flats (that I previously spoke of throwing out! The time is not now! I made an executive decision) complete with band aids all over my foot because my heels last night (Thanks Syd for letting me borrow them!) were too small and too high and I wore them for way too long and walked way to far!
Statement piece = Kenzie black knit and faux fur vest purchased at Marshalls for $25.00!
Okay, so I know many people are not into the faux and I wasn't up until recently. I remember making fun of my sister D who loved her when she got one last year. I thought it was beyond ugly, and just nasty! I have obviously changed my ways and love mine! I think it's definitely a hate it or love it type of piece but it's so warm and comfortable I don't care!

So that's my post for the morning. I hope everyone had a great 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th night of Halloween? I'm not sure what number we are on...last night was #1 for me. On to #2 tonight and more to follow. Ah! That's a lot of costumes I need to get/make/create! Good thing I love making outfits, this is going to be fun. I am thinking nerd tonight, basketball player, pirate? Who knows but I am going to have an awesome time!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Power Blazer

Hi! Hi! Hi-yah!
(catch my Heavy Weights movie plug?)
Big news!

So usually I don't blog on Tuesday and Thursdays because it is my day off from classes. But, today I had an interview for a possible internship next semester. I had to dress the part and nothing says, "hire me!" like a chic blazer, so obviously I wore one and I loved my outfit so much I decided I had to post about it!

I decided to wear my black "nameless" dress that I got on TJ Maxx Clearance when I was home this summer. It is a really great basic and has a cinched waist so I can wear it with a belt or without one and my waist will always look tiny! Isn't that amazing? I feel like for me (and most girls that I talk to) anything that will make your waist smaller is a definitely spend-worthy purchase. So, if you don't own a black cinched waist dress, get on it! I wore black stockings that I purchased at Target and let me tell you I think they added a lot to the outfit. I remember about 2 years ago I hated stockings/tights with a passion. I don't even think I remembered wearing them since I was about 5, and let me tell you they were hot pink and polka-dotted nonsense! Anyway, I am back into tights, I love how they can just add instant class to an outfit. I really want to try them under shorts in winter, but I wonder if I am that daring. This blog has given me a ton of confidence so I really think I am going to try it soon! Back to the outfit...I wore my Forever21 black and gray blazer that I wore here. I love this blazer and it was the inspiration for my whole outfit.
Correction: Anne Hathaway's blazer in the movie was my inspiration but this is what I had so I decided to "work it!"
I love how blazers scream "POWER!!!!" and they really do add a sense of polish and sophistication. I guess it is just very academic looking and very Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger-ish (by the way don't you love the new TOMMY add campaign?!?! It is so rustic, comfy, traveling-prepster and I love it!)
Lastly, I wore my black short Payless booties (with a heel) that I seem to wear all the time. They need to be replaced soon because I wore out the sole pretty bad. I think it's hilarious that I bought them for a social (for a sorority event last year, and always reached for them first when I get dressed now-a-days). It was definitely a cheap thrill turned great investment.

Do you guys have any items like that?
You buy it as a joke and then basically end up living in it?

Anyway, I am off to get ready for my first event of Halloween weekend. I don't have a costume yet per se but I have a lot of creative juices flowing and a play list of Britney Spears to inspire me...yeah I am going there right now!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

Welcome to my post filled with lies!
Okay, fine I am not lying, but I kind of am....let me explain.

This morning when I woke up I looked out my window as I simultaneously checked my igoogle homepage. I wanted to scope out the weather and I read that it was going to be 70 degrees with a chance of rain. I looked outside, and it looked mucky but it wasn't raining. I got dressed, creepily caught E in the bathroom and asked her to take my picture and walked outside to my car. Then I realized, that it wasn't random leftover droplets flying off tree leaves hitting me in the face, but actual raindrops falling from the sky...IT WAS RAINING! My outfit no longer complied with the weather and I ran upstairs to change. So while the pictures E took were what I started off wearing I had to change it up...
Just know that I swapped my flats for Sperry boat shoes, my long black cardigan for a short black one, un-tucked my shirt, ditched the belt and put on a raincoat.

But here I go describing what I intended to wear today...before Rhode Island rain decided to make it's self a part of my day. I started off with my half button gray beaded J. Crew T-shirt that I got at the outlets about 2 years ago. I don't wear it as much as I'd like to but I had a presentation today and it is a very "sophisticated" t-shirt (or at least that's what I tell myself.) In my opinion, J. Crew just can't go wrong. Everything they design is comfortable and classic. Every time I wear a piece from J. Crew I have a huge smile on my face! And have you seen their catalogs? I love every element of the company: from the colors to scenery they use. I especially love how the movie cast of the Romantics was featured in the past catalog (have I mentioned how much I love Katie Holmes? Major girl crush!)
Okay, so on top of the t-shirt I am yet again wearing my GAP long black waffle cardigan. It really is just the most perfect length and totally comfortable. I think I live in it...I wash it though, I promise! Okay, so I am also wearing my dark wash BASS jeans. I love the company BASS, and they have some great pieces, I also love that their shoes are being featured more and more in major fashion magazines and also sold at Urban Outfitters. I have been wearing BASS for a while, before most people even knew what it was (My Grandfather worked for the company, hello corporate discount!) and I love how the brand has become more fashionable. Lastly, I am wearing my GAP denim ruffle ballet flats. They are seriously worn thin because I lived in them this past summer but I just can't seem to get rid of them. However, since I can now feel the street below my feet when I strut around campus I am thinking they must go to the big shoe grave in the sky. The good news about this is that now I can look for a new pair...Tory Burch Reva flats in copper anyone?

So far on this murky day my clothes are different than I originally photographed (I had a disclaimer about this on my blog so you were forewarned!), and I have had my eyebrows freshly waxed.
So despite the weather I am having a pretty good day.

I just want to end this post giving a special shout-out to one of my best friends
who is the big 2-1 today!
We celebrated last night at Charlie O's but the "Rose Bowl" continues! I can't wait to celebrate with you.
Love you one million red M&M's!
"Matrix" on Thursday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear

I got a case of the Mondays....kinda.

I feel like a giant nerd for saying this but I do really like the classes I am taking this semester. Since I am a senior and finishing up I basically get to take free electives and writing classes for my minor which is awesome because I get to blog and be creative! However sometimes I do get a case of the Mondays, you know the I-want-to-be-lazy-all-day-and-watch-Clueless type days. For some reason this blog keeps me going and supercharged because I love thinking up outfits and writing on them. I also love how I am getting a response from some of my followers, telling me that they really enjoy what I am writing about: that means so much to me! So thank you readers, I love you all (even though most of you are my sisters!)

Any who, today's outfit was pretty much a mish-mosh of inspiration. I have been reading a ton of magazines lately (procrastination from homework much?!?) and I have constantly seen fur, fur, fur! I am the kind of girl who loves the way fur looks but I am a little hesitant to own any. I guess I think the red-paint-PETA-protesters will bang on my door, douse me with paint and kick me in the I dramatic? So while I doubt I would buy any real fur, I am loving faux fur, especially the Michael Kors vest I saw at Marshalls last week (dare I buy it?) My outfit today is a dedication to the furry, fuzzy, comfort that fur LOOKS like it provides, this is my take on it!

I am wearing my BASS medium wash jeans (go figure, you must think I shower in them I wear them so much) with a black target tank. These are great base pieces. While I was walking up a ginormous hill from the commuter lot to the memorial union today, I was thinking about the sex appeal of jeans. Blue jeans are just so causal, sexy, and natural and I am a firm believer that with a solid white or black t-shirt or tank anyone can look like "DIME PIECE." Moving on from my random thoughts in the early hours of the day...I am wearing my Adrienne Vittadini black short sleeve button down shirt purchased at TJ Maxx. She is such a great designer and creates some amazing lux pieces that are edgy yet polished, check out her website. I am also wearing my Minnetonka moccasins that I seem to be living in recently. I was such a huge Sperry-boat shoes freak last year. I apparently get really attached to shoes, wear them non-stop and then trade in for a new fix. Lastly, I am wearing my fuzzy, wuzzy, long sweater that is seriously the most comfortable sweater/jacket I have ever put on in my life. Me and my friend S both got one at Marshalls this past weekend (more shopping therapy because of crazy boys!) and I must urge everyone to go purchase this Marisa Christina jacket. They are available in tons of colors and patterns so I guarantee you will find something you love!

I really want to continue blogging and gain a following, can you lovely readers help? I feel like this blog can open tons of doors for me in the fashion and media industries. I want nothing more than to inspire people, and push myself to grow stylistically, in a fashion sense as well as a writing-sense. This blog seems to be my calling card. I never really knew what I wanted to do before this, but I am confident is saying I would love to pursue a job in the interactive world of fashion!

Have a great Monday & let me know what you are wearing!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Major Girl Crush

Hi Hi Hi!!!

This weekend has been amazing and filled with tons of fun, but not so many pretty outfits. In my last post I mentioned how I hosted a "cowboys and Indian" social at my house, well let me confirm the "epicness" of this party. It was so much fun, I saw all of my friends and just had an overall great time. The house is still a mess, and the floor is sticky despite the many attempts to mop away the juice and beer that spilled into every crevice and corner of the living room. I have basically been in recovery mode since, cleaning and going to the gym, living in leggings and sweats.

I figured today would be the perfect lazy Sunday (although mine is more like a so-much-to-do-help-me Sunday). But I am going to procrastinate a little longer and post about my style crush/girl crush Olivia Palermo. Some may remember her as the evil snob from the MTV reality show THE CITY, but I blame the producers of the show for placing her in such a horrible light. I simply refuse to believe that someone with such effortless style and sophisticated taste is that much of a monster. I seriously love every single one of her outfits. Every shirt, dress, purse, even nail polish color hits the style mark in my book.

Embarrassing Fact:
I have a folder on my computer dedicated to pictures of her outfits and try to recreate them with my limited resources. I don't have the money she has nor the designer labels, but I give it the 'ol college try!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Hi beautiful, strong, independent, amazing readers!

I hope you all "loved your body" on "love your body" day! I know I did, I really think I consciously tried to appreciate everything my body provides me: strength, endurance, health and beauty! We are all different and need to embrace that! I know that although there are certain things I see in others, that I wish I possessed or had, I would never want to be anyone other than me! What did you ladies learn about yourselves?

For my outfit today I tried to embrace the chilly winter, by wrapping a comfy sequin scarf around my neck. I love sequins and have been craving a black sequin mini skirt forever! I am on the lookout so let me know where you have seen any, preferably a cheap one because I am not willing to spend a lot of money on trend items, large sums of money are specifically spent on classic investment pieces (ex: Burberry trench coat, Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters, Tory Burch Reva flats, etc.). So I wore my black Forever21 leggings (wow, I wear these a lot, who knew I would love leggings so much. Oh and I swear I have more than 1 pair!) I wore a long-sleeve gray tunic by Kenzie that I got at Marshalls (clearance rack!) with my GAP black long waffle cardigan. I paired the whole outfit with my Minnetonka Moccasins. Lastly, I draped my neck with my cranberry sequin knit scarf from Express but purchased at Marshalls for $7.00 about 2 days ago.

Today is a crisp fall day and I definitely was freezing in my outfit but at least I looked cute, or I think so. Anyway, I am off to get myself organized for the weekend. I am on a cleaning binge so I am going to break out the vacuum cleaner and Clorox wipes. I need to get myself ready for the "Cowboy and Indian" party we are having tonight, meaning I must finish making my Pocahontas inspired outfit, wish me luck! Have a great Friday night everyone!

FYI: I am obsessed with Katy Perry's new song- Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F). It's amazing!
"Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop-op
This Friday night
Do it all again"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where Is My Horse?

Hey lovely followers (and hopefully soon to be followers!)

This morning when I woke up I was in a great mood. You know that feeling? Kind of like when you have a new crush, and you have butterflies in your stomach (the good kind) and you can't keep smiling, and every song that comes on your itunes seems to be the perfect mix of tempo, rhyme, and rhythm? It was the kind of morning where "Drops of Jupiter" by Train and "Mine" by Taylor Swift were on repeat and dancing around my bedroom seemed to be oh so natural. For some reason while I was laying in my bed thinking about today's post (TODAY IS LOVE YOUR BODY DAY) I glanced out the window and saw the most beautiful pile of colorful leaves on my lawn. It seems to be a little early for leaves on the ground, but I love the changing seasons and I am embracing autumn. Anyway, I thought back to when I was younger, horseback riding in my cute riding jodhpurs, boots and velvet helmet. I was inspired by the equestrian look today, and it's about time, since I literally have been cutting out every RALPH LAUREN AD I have seen recently. They are just so classic, sophisticated and preppy--is it sad that I envision myself in one every time I get dressed? Oh well, we all have our little quirks.

Today I am wearing my black Forever21 leggings as a base. They fit perfectly into the boots I am wearing. Don't you hate when your jeans are too bulky to tuck into boots? That is a major pet peeve of mine. Anyway, I decided to wear a half button blue long sleeve blouse that I got at Marshalls and seen in this post. On top of the blouse I am wearing my Bass cream colored cardigan (sans buttons), which just seems flow-y, but it has structured shoulders which stands in for my nonexistent riding jacket. Disclaimer: I fully plan on buying a Ralph Lauren or Yves Saint Laurent blazer once I am rich and rolling in the MON-AY! Lastly, I am wearing my brown boots that I got in a boutique in New York City last winter break. The great thing about these boots is that they zip from the bottom to the top of the boot which makes tucking in pants so much easier, like I said earlier I hate when jeans/pants don't tuck properly in boots. It looks messy, feels uncomfortable, and is just plain miserable. I know my boots are brown and I am wearing black leggings, but for some reason I really love the contrast. One of the bloggers I follow, at The Classic Case, posted about combining black leggings/tights and brown boots yesterday. I guess that was in my mind because I love the contrast too. Follow her blog because she has a great writing style and sense of style--what a combination, right?

Okay, well I am going to attempt to do some of my homework. I have a big weekend ahead of me (even though it's only hump day) I am going to think ahead. It's homecoming weekend so we have a big football game complete with tailgating and an alumni BBQ for my sorority sisters that graduated! I can't wait to see everyone. Oh and also a "Cowboys and Indians" social this Friday! I am fully prepared to channel my inner Pocahontas, I am so excited! I will post more about my "Indian" outfit on Friday, I hope it will be done by then. I hope everyone has a great day, embrace the fall, it's beautiful out!

PS: Everyone remember to "love your body" because you are beautiful and confident, strong and determined and you can do whatever you set your mind to. This is what I keep telling myself and I firmly believe in the motto "look good, feel good!" So do something for yourself today that makes you feel great. I picked out a killer outfit to make me feel good (dress wise). I am going to go to the gym after class today and work on my body. As for spirit, I am going to keep the happy mood flowing, the endorphins will help later when I start dragging around 3pm. But seriously, do something to make you love yourself today.
If you love yourself you will learn how to love your body too. It's a work in progress but it is so worth it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tomorrow is...

Tomorrow, Oct. 20 is....National Love Your Body Day!

I just found out about this via The Average Girl's Guide, a great blog I follow. I totally agree with this day and am pretty excited about it. We need to forget all the negative thoughts that run through our minds.

Tomorrow when I pick out a fabulous outfit I am going to think, "I LOVE MY BODY AND I AM GOING TO WORK THIS OUTFIT!" I suggest all you ladies do the same. Don't worry about someone looking thinner, prettier, more voluptuous or bootylicious--be yourself, love yourself, and celebrate the strong woman that you are!

On the LOVE YOUR BODY DAY website there is a list of things you can do to make you love your body a little more than you usually do...I think we all need a little bit of their "10 commandments" in our lives!

PS: Can't wait to post tomorrow about how I love my body! Please comment and let me know how you love your body!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Longest Sleep Ever

Good Morning! I can say this very enthusiastically now, since last night I slept for over 12 hours! I took a nap at 5pm yesterday evening (I was so exhausted...overtired I think) and I woke up at 11:45pm only to fall back into a deep sleep and wake up at 7am this morning! I missed dinner, but don't worry, I had a delicious apple, yogurt and Kashi cereal parfait this morning and feel great. All I need to do now is get through my 3 classes, hit the gym (for a great workout) and then go to GNC to stock up on Vitamins because this girl's energy has been slacking. I am thinking about a woman's multivitamin, any suggestions?

For today, I am keeping it low key. I showered this morning, put on my makeup, scrunched my hair (LOW KEY RIGHT?) and told myself that today I was going to keep it very comfortable (almost PJ-esque). I decided to wear my favorite BASS jeans in a medium wash, I told you I wear them all the time! I paired my vintage Rolling Stones t-shirt which is made up of the softest cotton blend ever. I got it at Target, which doesn't make it real "vintage" but I use that term loosely because it is faded and looks vintage, so I will claim that it is, deal with it! I topped the shirt with my favorite long black waffle cardigan from the GAP. I got this at the outlets and wear it almost every other day. It looks awesome with everything, I think it is just a medium-long length which is very flattering with most pant/skirt/shorts/dress lengths. Lastly, I wore my Minnetonka Moccasins that I posted about yesterday (I really am getting so much use out of them).

Sorry for the shortness of today's post, I am getting back into the swing of things! I am going to get myself back to my fighting spirit and energy today. I think I am a pretty strong girl I can roll with the punches. Have a great Monday everyone!

PS: What do you do to gain more energy when your body is dragging?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashion Blogger Hits the Mall

So yesterday I hit the Providence Place mall with my roommate S. We decided that we needed some retail therapy since boys make us crazy. Girl time at the mall is definitely the best medicine for confused and breaking hearts. I wanted to go to Forever21 and Nordstroms so that is exactly what I did. While I fawned over all the expensive and beautiful items in Nordstroms, I reminded myself that I do not have unlimited funds and if I do buy the $200 Steve Madden combat boots, I will not be eating for the remainder of the month. While I did realize that Halloween is approaching and it is likely I can subsist on candy, my inner health guru reminded me that I need carrots, apples, and veggie burgers, and the boots will have to wait until I am rich and fabulous! I bought earrings and a bracelet at the BP for Nordstroms section (young adult clothes that are so much cheaper than the contemporary line but still cute!)

For my mall adventure I wore my black stretchy Forever21 leggings that I always post about as a base. On top of that I wore a long sleeve gray Kenzie t-shirt that I got at Marshalls for $10 (great purchase). I wore a Charlotte Russe denim vest on top of that (borrowed from my dear friend S, thanks again!) and brown Minnetonka moccasins. The outfit was very comfortable which is great when shopping at a mall because you are constantly trying clothes on (well at least me and S always play dress up!)

I love the mall, there is something about it: the shiny glass windows calling my name, sale signs, tons of beautiful colors and draped fabrics, I don't know but it is love. I just hate spending money which I why I came up with a rule for myself. Everything that I buy I must think of ways I will use it. If I can not come up with 3 different ways then I CAN NOT, I repeat CAN NOT buy the item!

The day was really fun and much needed. I spent a lovely evening with my friends as well and now I am hanging out, lazy Sunday style. Although, today me and my roommate E went apple picking with our sorority sisters! It was really fun, we got some great Suncrisp apples (if you do not know what they are, get them and eat them immediately!) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Enjoy the rest of the day!

PS: Does anyone freak out about not exercising every day? I know this is a fashion blog but I figured I'd ask. You know strong fashion sense, strong body, strong mind? It's my mentality on life. Let me know!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stylin' in My Dreams...Oh So Sleepy

Hey everyone! So this week has been really strange. Thanks to Mr. Columbus aka the discoverer of the New World, we didn't have classes on Monday. I am very happy about this, however it messed my whole week up. My sleep schedule was nonexistent and last night I decided to make up for lost time. The rain soothed me to sleep and I slept until 11:30am today! This have never happened in the history of my life! Good thing my first 2 classes were canceled! Anyway, I had to skip a shower (I know gross, don't judge, it happens!) and slipped into a comfortable outfit for my ONE class.

I decided to wear a super comfy gray short sleeve t-shirt from the GAP with a chest pocket detail. Over that t-shirt I wore a heather gray long cashmere cardigan with jeweled buttons that I got from the J. Crew outlets two summers ago. Me and my sister love that outlet, we stock up on sweaters and t-shirts every summer when the biggest sales take place. If you guys have TANGER or WRENTHAM outlets near you I highly advise you to go and partake in the amazing sales. I wore my favorite BASS jeans that I wear in so many posts on this lovely blog. I also wore a flannel scarf that I got at Target a few winters ago (which is a little too short for my liking). I really want to start buying fabric at craft stores and sewing my own scarves--that way I can choose the fabric and length of my own designer original scarf. Lastly, I wore my hunter green flats that I bought at Target last year. They are really comfortable and very broken in. I basically lived in them during my internship this summer, in fact, they need to replaced soon because the soles are absolutely nonexistent!

Sorry for the shortness of this post, I am literally exhausted...STILL! You would think I wouldn't be since I slept so long. Don't fret readers I will definitely be posting an outfit or two (oh my!) this weekend so look for some new posts. Thanks for reading, I love you all more than you can ever know. Anyway, I am off to get ready for my sorority social tonight! Have a great evening everyone.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Dream in Jean-y

Good Morning! How is every one's day going so far? Mine is great: the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my mind keeps drifting back to the Kid Cudi concert I went to last night! It was a great concert, and I must admit although I am not the biggest Cudi fan, he is a great performer with amazing stage presence. I went with my roommates and one of my roommates friends from home (and a ton of her school friends!) In total there were about 25 of us and that always makes for a great time. Sadly, I do not have an outfit post from the concert last night because we weren't allowed to bring cameras in, why I do not know! I definitely wouldn't have gotten a close up of the Kid because I was way up in the nosebleeds but still I wish I had some photos to remember the night. I guess I will just focus on my outfit today and what I am wearing.

I wanted to wear jeans today, but I was in more of a comfy leggings type of mood so I wore my favorite stretchy pair from Forever21, you know the one that aren't see through, GOTTA LOVE THOSE! On top I wore my relatively new Jean long sleeve button down from Bass Outfitters, which is a cool mix between J. Crew and L.L. Bean. It is a really relaxed, and laid back brand that has special statement pieces every season, this season it is all about embellished sweaters and JEAN SHIRTS! I also decided to wear my GAP jean ballet flats with ruffle detailing, which are cute and girly but still sophisticated and classy. While I usually don't wear oversize shirts and leggings without a cinched waist, it just felt right to let the shirt flow today. When I left the house I also decided to put on an over sized black waffle sweater from the GAP (not pictured) with a gold headband (flea-market find & also not pictured). Sorry for the picture mishap, I caught my roomie E earlier in the morning, begged her to take my picture and didn't think to add the last bits of the outfit until I ran out of the house.

My hair is straightened today! I decided to give it a little something extra, but the makeup is natural and basically the same as always. I keep experimenting with new eyeliners and need to find something that glides on smooth (brown color only), but been having trouble finding something. I have tried Pixi, ELF, Revlon, Bonnebelle, and nothing seems to be working out for me, any suggestions? I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newport Living

I try to post my outfits on the day I actually wear them, however today I am posting a day late...but I have a good reason for my tardy post, I promise! Yesterday was Columbus Day aka no school on Monday! Therefore I went to the gym, relaxed and headed for Newport with my roommates (minus Elora who was home for the weekend, we missed you!) This was my second time in Newport during the long weekend, and I always love going, minus the botched Oktoberfest situation. Anyways, we decided to wander along the water and just soak up the sun. I still can't believe how beautiful it has been lately, warm and sunny, smelling like spring even though we are slowly approaching the highpoint of autumn. I always love watching the season change, especially to fall because I love seeing the changing colors of the leaves.

For my outfit today I really wanted to channel my inner classy-chic New Englander. I know I am originally from New York but I just love the style elements of New England: it's comfortable, relaxed, and always respectable. I decided to wear my black long sleeve pocket t-shirt that I got at Marshalls on clearance for $5.00 (and yes people you read that correctly). I always post about my amazing deals and finds at Marshall's and TJ's but this weekend I hit the mother load. I was stressed about upcoming work, boys, and my future (I am a senior eek!) and I just needed some retail therapy and this was one of my purchases. I also got a pair of cargo skinny jeans that I can't wait to post about. I paired that top with my Forever21 $13.50 skinny dark wash jeans that basically mold to your body. They legitimately suck you in so well, and for such a cheap price I stock up whenever I go there. Disclaimer: I have worked through about 5 pairs so far, they do not have such great wear and tear but they are a great deal and are easily replaceable. Did I mention they were super comfortable. I tucked the black t-shirt into my jeans with a studded brown leather belt from Hollister (worn in post here) and I really like the contrast of brown and black. I only tucked the front part in, I'm not sure why but I have been seeing that look a lot in magazines lately and wanted to give it a go. I think it adds the sophistication of wearing a shirt tucked in but relaxes the look a lot! Lastly, I wore my Stuart Weitzman tangerine flats with gold details that I got at Marshalls this summer for an astounding $99.00. I know that may still sound like a lot of money but they retail for $350.00 so I snatched these bad boys up quicker than you can say "cash or credit?"

I kept the hair really wavy, I let it air dry in the car while driving over the Newport Bridge, with the windows down and music blasting! Me and my friends danced in the car all the way to Newport and I had such an amazing time. The weekend always puts me in a great mood and I never really have a case of the Mondays. Since now Tuesday is Monday this week things may get confusing (is hump day still tomorrow?) But I have a great week ahead of me and I am seeing Kid Cudi tonight, he is preforming at my school. Maybe I will do a concert outfit post later on today. I can't believe I am not posting my outfit that I am wearing right now, but I guess that means I can wear it again and talk about it eventually (I am not a huge outfit repeater, just a little bit of one).

That makes me think of the line in the Lizzie McGuire Movie (yes girly I know):
Kate: Lizzie McGuire you are an outfit repeater!
Lizzie: Well your an outfit remember-er and that is just as bad!

Bye for now, enjoy the beautiful weather, I will be! I think I may even go to the beach!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oktoberfest in Newport

Today was a beautiful day! Me and my roommates decided to go to Newport for Oktoberfest, which is essentially a giant drinking celebration on Thames Street! Since it was so nice out (& it's October, holy cow!) I decided that I wanted to keep my outfit pretty casual and airy. The festival is in Newport, which is on the water, and the temperature can range from scorching hot to freezing cold (even on a beautiful day like today) so it was necessary to wear pants! While I wish I wore a skirt or dress, I don't need the wind blowing up my skirt, thank you very much!

I paired my Bass denim dark wash jeans with a layered tank top look. My bottom layer is a stretchy black tank from Target and the top tank is a gray pocket tank from Old Navy. I think solid color tank tops are the best investment ever. You can pair them together or as a layering piece for t-shirts (long or short). They also work great tucked into skirts or under dresses for a little more coverage. When I find tank tops I like (like the ones in these photos) I stock up in every single color! Also a little tip: if you like the style of the tank get some in a larger size as well because the slouchy look is really in. I also like to work out in big tank tops so they are really versatile! I topped the tanks with a black lace vest from Topshop! Topshop is the mecca of British Fashion and the stores opened in the US within the past two years. Everything is hand picked and selected by British fashion icon Kate Moss! Everything from Topshop seems amazingly cool and chic, I just love going to that store. Lastly, I wore my Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals that I wore in this post. They are so comfortable and match everything. I love the gold stud detailing, it is subtle and really subdued.

I just love going on these types of outings with friends! Me and my roommates are really all about experiencing all aspects of Rhode Island since we are seniors and don't have much time left (MAJOR SIGH!) I am just so lucky that I have these wonderful ladies to travel and make memories with. We are going back to Newport for Oktoberfest Part Deux tomorrow so I know that my weekend will consist of great times with great friends, plus a little bit of beer. What are you guys doing this weekend? Anyone else going to Oktoberfest?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...In the Rain

Hey Ladies (and maybe some Gents?!?!)
It's raining in Rhode Island today (again!) It seems like when it rains in this state it goes on for days and I am praying we don't have flood warnings like last spring semester. When I woke up and saw the weather I thought "great, I need to wear a gross outfit to school today." However, fear not fashion friends, I reevaluated my statement and decided to try and "rock" something fashionable and cute. It proved to be a difficult task though, involving me throwing clothes everywhere and storming around my room listening to old Michele Branch songs. I got the job done though, even though all I wanted to do was cuddle under my covers in my comfy black sweats and watch movies until I felt my eye lids flutter shut and I transcended into a sweet, deep sleep....but NO! I am sitting in the Rams Den blogging about clothes (which I am rather addicted to doing now, so I don't mind one itty bit!)

Today, my final outfit settled on black leggings bought at Old Navy for $15.00. While these are way more expensive than the type I normally buy ($5.00 Forever21 anyone?) I think they are more comfortable and less see-through. Girls, you know what I am talking about. When I wear these leggings I don't need to worry if my shirt rides up past my butt a little bit, no one will see through my pants ha-ha-ha! Okay, so on top I wore my charcoal gray waffle long sleeve button down that I got at the J. Crew Outlet store years ago. I am a big fan of flannel, waffle and thermal shirts and wear them religiously, they are especially good for laying during the upcoming cold months. I wore my light gray Mossimo for Target long sweater vest which is very versatile and looks great with jeans, tights, dresses, skirts, the works! I think vests are great because they can totally change up an outfit you wear all the time. Or, if you have an intense floral print dress that you think you can never wear again because it is oh to memorable, belt a long vest over it and voila instant change in the outfit! On my feet, I had to put away my beloved Sperrys, I know they are water proof but it is raining cats and dogs! I wore my distressed red short Hunter Rain boots, purchased at Marshalls for $20.00 and retail for about $150.00. Lastly, I am wearing a metal and stone (unknow stone I must add) necklace that my grandparents purchased for me while they vacationed in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is the first time I am wearing it, so I had to do a shout-out! I just love bargains and I am definitely a "Marshall's Ninja," or at least that's what I tell my friends.

I really love this blog and I love how I have more followers. Please feel free to contact me about anything, comment on my posts, tell me what your loving, ANYTHING! I really want to try and get this blog established. I was just accepted to the IFB network (INDEPENDENT FASHION BLOGGERS) so hopefully that will help catapult me into the blogosphere. Thanks for reading and following! I will do my best to entertain and inspire you all!

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain"
~Author Unknown

Monday, October 4, 2010

Future Editor-in-Chief

Hey guys! So I know that I mostly post casual outfits that I wear to classes, with the occasional "bar night" outfit. However, last night I had my first formal sorority meeting of the month of October. Formal meeting is basically an excuse to dress up. For me, I always try to channel my future-inner-editor-in-chief-of-a-major-magazine! This past Sunday was no exception, I really was trying to style up my outfit. We just gave out our fall bids so I also wanted to look cute when meeting the new girls!

It was pretty cold last night (or at least I told myself it was due to the fact that it's October aka autumn), so I wanted to wear pants. I wore my stretchy-tight blue/black skinny leg trousers from Forever21, which I have basically lived in so far this semester. I wear them to class, meetings, and out for drinks with my friends. The uses of these pants are limitless so definitely invest in a pair! I also wore a black 3/4 long sleeve button down from Ralph Lauren (blue label) that I purchased from Marshall's on clearance, hello $5.oo amazingness! Over the button down I wore my gray and black blazer that I purchased at Forever21 for $35. I didn't know how often I would wear it so I contemplated buying it forever but I am glad I did because I have actually worn it tons of times from interviews to meetings and class presentations. Never underestimate the power of a blazer, they exude class and sophistication and instantly pull a look together. Lastly, I wore my new BCBG tan suede wedges. I love them! They are so soft and comfortable and a great fall shoe option, for all of you that don't want to wear boots just yet. They are a great transition from summer flip flops to winter boots!

I won't bore you again with my statement that I am keeping it natural with hair and makeup. Maybe I will just report on this if it ever changes. Speaking of changes, the weather has been constantly changing every single day, getting colder and colder. I don't know if I necessarily love the cold but I just love the fall months because everything is so crisp, cool and comfy. I can't wait to go apple picking with my sorority sisters and drink some hot apple cider. What do you guys have planned for fall? Excited to start wearing scarves, jackets, and boots? I know I am!

PS: Notice the crazy Carrie Bradshaw hair! Yeah...that's what rushing to a meeting and hopping out of the shower (sans blow drying) does to my hair.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Weather Woes

Hey guys! So when I woke up today I checked the weather and I read that it was supposed to rain hard all day, but all I saw was SUNSHINE! But, I did what any normal experienced URI student would do...I dressed for the rain. However, after much consideration, I took off my flannel top and black jeans (way too fall, it's summer weather today people!) and put on something a little more relaxed and beachy. Even though it's the first day of October, and I have already eaten some pumpkin pie (what says fall better?) I felt comfortable breaking out the jean shorts one last time, shall we call it a last hurrah?

Anyway, this is what I am wearing today. Also, sorry in advance for the horrible iphotobooth pictures I had to take on my Macbook. I already asked my roomies to snap some shots of the other outfit so I feel bad running back asking for some more. You can see the goofy side of me in these pictures anyway, which is something I love showing so please enjoy!

I am wearing a faded blue and white lace tank top from Forever21. I believe it cost around $6.00 which is a great steal. Originally I thought I would just bum around in it but I have worn it under blazers, with jeans, skirts...and also the standard PJ's but still, very functional. I paired the tank with some American Eagle jean shorts that I have had forever. I really think jean shorts are such an investment, I basically live in mine all summer and it seems the more weathered and vintage-y they feel the better they look! I looped my favorite brown Hollister studded belt around my waist (I posted about it here) and I wear it all the time. Seriously invest in a sturdy brown leather belt ladies! I decided to "rock" my Sperry boat shoes today, considering it goes well with my summertime feel.

For accessories, it's the standard bracelet combination that I usually wear with my grandfather's ring (as a necklace)! I really do love wearing something of his around my neck, it makes me feel really close to him still.Basic makeup and hair (semi straitened), you know the drill, I am a natural-type of girl!

I love when I see this kind of weather in October, but I am kind of looking forward to the actual AUTUMN months! I can't wait to smell pumpkin spice candles, wear sweaters, tights and boots, and see the foliage of leaves and see all the beautiful colors that the fall brings! Oh, and is it weird I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year? The food is obviously amazing, but, I really have so much to be thankful for! What are you guys excited for this fall?