Friday, December 31, 2010

Stuck at the Airport

My 1pm flight has been deplaned so now I am waiting for my 5pm flight to New York. All hopes of my glamorous New Years Eve are IN THE TOILET! However, at least I will be with my family. What can I do while sitting at the airport waiting to of course!
I have seen some interesting fashion choices at the airport; from the woman limping towards her flight-gate wearing 5 inch nude Christian Louboutin's to the t-shirt and pajama-pant clad acne-face 15-year-old-boy (I know, not so nice of me to say, but I had acne and I am just exhausted, not a big fan of long commutes).
Anyway, I was thinking a lot about airline style. I keep getting visuals of old-school stewardess style. My mother's good friend Melodie used to tell me stories about her days as an airline flight attendant; there were weight requirements and beauty-ritual requirements. The right look had to be achieved, how crazy is that? Emilio Pucci even designed outfits for stewardesses on Brandiff Air in the 1960's...I would love to rock a uniform by Emilio Pucci.
Remember that Gwyneth Paltrow movie, View From The Top? That's the first thing I think of when envisioning airline fashion and style. That and Soul Plane, but that's a different story (we won't even go there).
How cute is this look?
South West Airlines in the 70's
Their motto used to be: "sex sells seats!"

Eve-entually Getting Home on NYE

Although I am still in Florida (flight delays, bad weather, airport setbacks) I am heading home today, on New Years Eve. This year has been filled with a lot; a lot of learning how to love other people, letting go of others and trying to find a balance of happiness that I am definitely still working on. While I do think that 2010 was a good year (despite some familial setbacks) I am really looking forward to 2011, I know that it is going to be a great has to be (positive affirmations right?)
My motto for 2011:
“…I’d rather help than watch. I’d rather have a heart than a mind. I’d rather expose too much than too little. I’d rather say hello to strangers than be afraid of them. I would rather know all this about myself than have more money than I need. I’d rather have something to love than a way to impress you”
-Pro Bronson
Some Highlights: Starting writing for my College Newspaper, Visiting the Dominican Republic with my family, Getting closer with my sister, Turning 21, Being offered/participating in 2 wonderful internships, Starting my BLOG, Celebrating the 4th of July in the Jersey Shore with some of my best childhood friends, Spending all summer in NYC working & playing, Going apple picking for the 1st time, Dressing up as a Nerd, Village People (Person aka Construction Worker), Pussy Cat Doll, 70's neon-girl, Farmer, Native American, and Police Officer all for the sake of sorority socials and many memories, it really has been a great year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Thigh-high this and that have been popping up everywhere lately; from ad campaigns to runway shows to street-style. I post a lot about things I love and want to try (yet rarely do) and this is one trend that I definitely will be attempting in 2011...I am giving myself a few days to still be a little plain-Jane (2011 is my year to test the fashion limits!).
These are a few looks that are inspiring me, what trends are inspiring you? Will you try them in 2011?

Found on Blog: Hello Miss Patterson

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Would-Be New Years Eve

I have always dreamed of a glamorous, sparkly, champagne-filled, midnight kiss, type of New Years. Since I turned 21 this past year, I thought to myself...this is the year I will have the New Years I have always dreamed of.
Then reality sets in, in the form of a massive blizzard to the East Coast. My scheduled Tuesday (as in yesterday) flight to New York was delayed and now I am in Florida until Friday. It really isn't that bad, the weather is great and I love spending time with my family (even though too much togetherness happens occasionally, right D?), but I had plans for New Years Eve.
With my school friends and home friends scattered around, I was contemplating going to NYC, Rhode Island, Vermont, and even Albany. But since I am coming back to NY on New Years Eve, I doubt I will be having the sparkly NYE that I dreamed of...however, a girl can STILL dream of her perfect dress right?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Picture Says 1,000 Words

If a picture could say 1,000 words for me this would be it. I recently found Dallas Shaw's blog Dilly Dallas and really can not get enough of her style. She has the coolest job in the world, influencing the design process for many major companies. Not only that, she 100% dresses the way I wish I could/was brave enough to. I am obsessed with the laid back yet pulled together look she is emulating. The plaid shirt is definitely a casual piece, but mixed with the skirt, and tights the whole outfit is taken to a much more trendy level. Also, the belt defines her waist and really is a nice break from the dark colors that encompass the lower body portion of her outfit. The boots...amazing! I Just love this whole outfit, and if a picture could sum up my personal style and how I want to come off to the world...this is it!
Side note: she looks so carefree and happy, not a stress-mess-head-case that I seem to be lately.
What do y'all think?

Life in a Nutshell

I have been so stressed out lately, and this blog is one of the causes. You know when you have a grand image in your head? You visualize something so great and wonderful yet when you finally produce or create it the results are never the same? My blog is this great idea turned not so amazing result. I pore over tons of fashion blogs and magazines and want to work in the industry so badly. However, for some reason, I am not properly representing myself on my just doesn't look the way that I hoped. I did change the background (and will continue to do future edits) however, there is something that just doesn't look or feel right to me, do you know the feeling? This just gets me worried about how I am going to get a job in this creative and very talented industry. I always post about things that I love or inspire me but when it comes down to it, I am not dressing like the images that flood through my mind and excite me, visually speaking. I just want to find my own personal style and flourish.
Me on my 21st Birthday

Monday, December 27, 2010

What I Love

So I was browsing which is a former British-only turned US-available online clothing company. Since I am blog obsessed, and some of my favorite bloggers are from overseas (Burn the Blonde, Fashion Hedonism, LLYMLRS) I have been checking out this site for a while. This is one of the looks that I have been loving recently. I love leather skirts and actually have one that I bought at Target (seen here) that I wear all the time. The shirt is casual but looks dressy with the skirt. I love the olive green color, I tend to buy this color a lot. I have a Long Champ tote as well as an Italian leather satchel in the olive tone and I think it's a nice break from black but still very easy to wear. As for the thigh-high socks; I love them and can not wait to invest in a pair. I am just a little nervous to wear them because it is a risky look for me. Although I love so many different styles (some plain-jane and some out of the box), I am scared to try a lot of the items I covet.
What do you think?

Florida Living

Hey everyone!
I have literally been gone for what seems like forever! I hope every one's holidays have been filled with fun, laughter, presents, food, and fitness (yeah, yeah, I like to work out!).
My outfit posts seem to be going down the drain recently, I don't know why but I have not been dressing up at all since I have come back from school. Next semester is a new story, I have an internship so I will need to dress up a lot, especially during cool is that, I can't wait to tell everyone about it!
Anyway, since I have been down in Florida I have bought a few new things...thanks Grandma!
  • Calvin Klein black velvet t-shirt
  • Converse black jean leggings (okay, "jeggings")
  • Mossimo for Target black blazer (on sale for $20!)
  • LeSportSac messenger/satchel bag (gifted from Grandma!)
  • a bunch of little odds and ends...eye shadow compacts (NP Set), cute little notebook (a la Target)
Question: am I the only fool who gets deliriously happy walking into Target? It is just such a happy place!
Anyway, this is just a post to get me back into the blogging game...I really missed it and I am going to try and do an outfit post later now that I figured out how to get Wifi in a Florida-retirement-community...yay internet access at Grandmas!
Okay, I am off to enjoy the sun and just lay low and relax until Friday...since my flight has been moved from tomorrow until then (THANKS EAST COAST SNOW STORM BLIZZARD CRAZINESS!)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Unfashionably Me

So my lack of outfit posts lately makes me sad, I guess it's been a mix of three things:
  1. Stress: I know I am a notorious list maker but it seems like I have 1 million + things to do and it's only getting longer. It's as if I woke up two mornings ago and finally realized that I am getting older...I was so consumed with being a "kid in college" I didn't notice the world spinning around me...I guess you can say it's finally catching up to me, and very quickly I may add.
  2. Intimidated: I don't know if I have posted about this before, but in short my sister has amazing style, literally she can put anything on and make it look effortlessly cool. Although I try to wear some of the things she does, ultimately we have different tastes...but I can't help but be intimidated by her outfits. I guess in a weird way I am trying to find something so unbelievably cool that she says, "Wow Cass, I love that!"
  3. First week HOME: Basically ='s bumming it hardcore. I did find out that I need to head to my internship early for StyleWeek in Providence so I guess I won't be bumming it for long.
Today I just wore the leggings, sweater, UGG boots combo (typical Long Islander outfit I'm afraid) and got a manicure/pedicure with my sister...Essie color Luxedo which is a dark purple. I love it and it made me feel good that some girl asked me what color it was and then swapped her polish choice for mine.
I also got these Kate Spade earrings from my Dad/Mom/Sister as a little pick-me-up and token of good behavior? Hmm, either way it was a really nice gesture and I absolutely love them. Kate Spade emulates a classic and all-American style that I love, very girl next door, which is how I see myself.

Anyway, I have a ton on my mind tonight so I am going to continue to think (way, way, way too much) and then sleep because I am going to Florida in the morning to visit my Grandma! It's going to be very different this year since my Grandfather will not be there--but I know he will be looking over us watching us.
How do you guys deal with stress, loss, lack of inspiration?
Maybe I will consult D and get some outfit posts tomorrow!?!
Have a great Holiday, hopefully I will be able to blog from Florida!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Freezing in a Fedora

Hello Beauties!
(Gotta keep everyone going strong with positive affirmations!)
Today was another great day filled with the gym, shopping, and some delicious food (okay, the same things I always eat but delicious nonetheless).

I went with my mom and sister to Forever21 tonight and they had some great stuff. Don't you love that store? It's perfect for trying out trendy pieces without spending a ton of money on something that may be a one-wear-deal.
I snagged some black skinny leg jeans (which seem to tuck well into boots...let's pray for no saggy knees), as well as a pair of black twill harem trousers. Oh, and let's not forget the major purchase of the night, a FEDORA!

I have always wanted a fedora, but they always reminded me of Britney Spears tabloid photos, you know the ones with her rockin' cutoff jean shorts, high socks, Ugg boots, a distressed Ed Hardy t-shirt, huge aviator sunglasses and a FEDORA...and don't forget the Starbucks cup.
Don't get me wrong, I love Britney, but due to this mental image I couldn't buy a fedora no matter how many I tried on and/or fell "in love" with. I use the words "in love" loosely, how many times have you gone shopping and exclaimed "Oh-my-gosh, I LOVE THAT!"?

Back on topic; so I tried a fedora on at Forever21 and fell in love with it!
It is called the "Chic Knit Fedora" and it is chic and lovely. Now you are probably thinking, "Cassie, why are you buying a fedora in December?"
Well my dear readers, I can answer this question in two ways:
  1. It looked good and like I said, I have never found a good-looking fedora...on me at least.
  2. I am going on vacation to visit my grandmother on Wednesday, nothing says sunny days in Florida better than a fedora!
  3. last thing, I found out I am going on a cruise for Spring Break with a bunch of my sorority sisters, and I will definitely need a fedora when cruising through the Bahamas!
What do you guys think? Do you like it?
I hope everyone had a great day, mine got better as the day went on. Tomorrow is going to be filled with packing for Florida, but I will definitely make time to blog!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recycle Clothing

Hey, so you know how I posed before about my love of vintage? Searching through racks and racks of clothing, finding pre-worn treasures, creating new history with once loved pieces?
Well...when I come home sometimes I feel as if I am vintage shopping in my house. My sister and mother have massive purges of clothing--bags, shoes, pants, jackets, shirts--EVERYTHING! So when I come back I get piles and piles of things to sort through and try on...I LOVE IT!
Today I spent a few hours cleaning up the house by bagging up and donating our fabulously used/worn/loved clothes and shoes to our nearby Y (and by the way, it feels so good to donate, I recommend it!)
However, I did snag some things out of my sisters pile and I am wearing it right now.
Sorry if the clarify of the pictures are not so great, the lighting in my room at home is horrible, I must start taking actual digital pictures again, it's just hard because I don't have a tripod and I am self-timer-challenged (not that anyone really cares!)
Any-who, this is what I have on:
  • Op black leggings (a la Walmart)
  • Bass tall black riding boots
  • Thin black and gold studded belt (borrowed from D)
  • Vintage Stavana gray sweatshirt tunic (gifted from D)

This blog break felt so great. Since my life had been consumed by finals for the past week it's nice to have time to post again...I will be back tomorrow, I am off to work on my resume and job applications for the future (I just turned 21, why is this happening already!?!)

Itching for a Wedge...Boot

Hi! Sorry I have been gone for so long.
Finals are over and now I can devote a lot more time to blogging (well at least for another month or so.)
It's early and obviously I am up (not dressed yet!) and searching the web for my newest craving and I know what it is...tall wedge boots in black.
I found a contender and for $79.99 I may just do it.
They are by the brand MIA. The boots are called Geva Knee High Wedges and are available in mushroom (brownish-olive) or black, personally I love the black ones!
There is something really romantic and cute about the ruffle detailing. It is different than most boots you see because of this detail yet it is not overpowering or tacky...surprising because I am not a huge-over-the-top-ruffle kind of gal!
They can be found here.

Which color would you pick out?
Be back with an outfit post later!
Right now I am going to dig into my yummy yogurt parfait and read the January issue of InStyle!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Finals Are Ova'

Finals are done! Time to celebrate!
Back tomorrow with some real blog lovin'

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Don't hate me...please don't hate me!
I wish I could blog nonstop but finals are annoying (so much to do, so many to-do lists...okay, secretly i love that part of this week...I'm a Virgo, I like lists!).
I have lived in comfy clothes (but tonight I am going to dress up because I am going for a fun finals-break dinner with my roomie Sydney! So prepare for some cute outfit post either tonight or tomorrow!
Right now I want to talk a little about Vintage clothing/accessories.

I love vintage, but I never used to. The thought of wearing someone elses old stuff made me want to gag. I am unsure if it's my recent love of "going green" or appreciating how things were made in the past, but I just love digging through the racks at vintage/thrift stores and seeing what I can find!
I recently took a trip to a thrift store in Greenwich, RI and purchased two blasts from the past.
One is a Christma-kuh present for my sister, and you would think I wouldn't post about it because it would ruin a surprise...well no surprise. When I found it I feel in love with it (for her!) and told her almost immediately. It is a vintage gold sequin bag with a long gold chain.
It's very Kate Spade Holiday Season Ad Campaign mixed with some Old Hollywood glamor.
Here a picture: but Dani you can't have it until Saturday...haha!
And for me, I got a pair of beautifully delicate gold/diamond accent earrings (okay, okay, it's costume jewelery but I still love it)
Anyway, I love thrifting and I suggest going sometime.
I can't wait to go to NYC and go to my favorite vintage store Buffalo Exchange! They have such great designer finds at ridiculously low prices (um...Theory blazer for $5, Coach distressed leather and fringe purse $35, Tory Burch tunic $25)
Has anyone thrifted before?
Tell me where and what you got!

Oh and check out my inspiring pictures of the day--cozy, chic wilderness fantasy?--I think so! Wish I could let you know where it's from but I found it on a random blog with no source/link. If I find out I will post immediately!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a Formal-ity

Hey everyone!
How was every one's weekends? Mine was jam-packed! Studying for finals, editing my writing portfolios, getting ready for formal, going to formal, and recovering for formal...
Side note: I CAN NOT believe that I just attended one of my last sorority formals (1 more!), I am getting too old and I don't know how I feel about that (more on that in future posts!)
Now here I am, sitting on my couch in my beautifully clean Narragansett house (1 time/semester cleaners came today!) watching 27 Dresses with Nicole, doing my portfolio...I mean blogging.
My whole body aches--5 hours dancing at Monet, plus drinking last night, plus a recovery workout this morning--I am drained. I can not wait to have a nice big dinner later, the usual: huge sweet potato, veggie burger, and a heaping pile of veggies...don't forget the microwave popcorn for dessert.
Obviously you want the play-by-play, eat-by-eat of my life...
I have no outfit post today, sorry, but I am just bumming it in sweats!
Here are some pictures from formal last night. The dress was a success, everyone loved it, although I felt kind of self-conscious in it because it was so body conscious. friend Sydney said it looked great, and she is one of my best friends/wardrobe consultant and would never let me leave the house unless I looked good, so I guess I'm okay with the overall result.
My 5inch heels that were supposed to be "killer" weren't so bad...I definitely felt the pain the last hour of formal though. Miraculously, I wore them all night!
Anyway, I am off to work...or procrastinate.
xoxoSydney, Emily, Me, Elora
Niki, Me, Rachael

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Final-ly Stressed!

Sorry for the lack of posts, finals are here (how did time go so fast?!) so I have been studying non-stop!
But...despite my constant typing/editing of my writing portfolios I have made time for the gym and ginger-bread houses, yeah I made one!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone, I love you all and I will be back with an outfit post tomorrow...promise. I just need to get more studying done today because tomorrow is FORMAL!
Okay, enough about me...need some inspiration?

I love the sequin blazer, it adds a little extra "BLAM" to a basic dress!

I am really looking to experiment with fancy and casual pieces. I really love how the flow-y chiffon dress plays off the denim vest...and with the caramel chain link bag...oh hot damn!

Hope everyone is having a lovely and productive Saturday, I'm off to work hard!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Day of Classes!

Today is the last day of classes and it is surreal; how can I be approaching my final semester of college? Time seriously goes way too fast, it's hard to catch my breath sometimes.
Just being in Rhode Island has been a great experience and a collage of images from my time at URI constantly plays in my mind; it will forever be on repeat, streaming through my entire body.
Just yesterday, as me and my roommate S were walking on Narragansett Beach, bundled in long, down, furry coats, scarves, gloves (thanks Grandma!), hats, and Uggs, I couldn't help but feel like I was living in a movie scene: staring out in to the deep sapphire ocean, watching brave surfers glide through the crashing tides, kicking the sand up with our boots, dancing on the seashells and staring at the boats on the horizon.
Sorry for the sappiness, but I am growing up so fast--AH!
Recently I have been filling out intent to graduate forms, spring internship paperwork, doing final projects and portfolios, going out to the bars to celebrate (successes, failures, love, loss?), decorating our Christmas tree (my house looks like Santa's workshop, thanks SYD!) and getting ready for formal. It seems like I have the most massive to-do list of life...but for some reason it makes me feel like I am really accomplishing a lot, and I am learning a lot about myself in the process: body image, time management, relationship issues (friends/boys...definitely not men!) and all the other issues a twenty-something girl deals with.

Here's my last day of classes (Fall Semester) outfit. Keep in mind, it is absolutely freezing so I wanted to stay warm. I also had to walk from the middle-of-no-where-commuter-lot, to the emporium to get my eyebrows waxed (hello formal on Sunday, and eyebrows are very important to keep groomed!) and back to Roosevelt Hall to get more internship forms (woo-hoo, not!); therefore I needed the Uggs today!
  • Jones New York, distressed red boat neck 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
  • Bass, medium wash jeans
  • Marshalls, gray leg warmers
  • Uggs, chestnut short
  • Gap, gray cardigan (not pictured)
  • Marshalls, mutli-colored circle scarf (not pictured)
So life is hectic, and I am loving every second of it...I don't know if it's the cold air blowing all around me or the anticipation of great things to come, but it feels so great to be alive!
There's a Holiday Mini-mall in the Union today...I need a little finals-week-pick-me-up. I saw some great hand-knit ear/neck I dare?
I'll report back with my little splurges!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Tis the Season to Be Formal

Hi Beautiful Readers!
Today is going to be a busy day for me...sorry about the sporadic posts, I am just very overwhelmed with final projects and writing portfolios at the moment, I promise my blogging will stabilize again very soon!
I wanted to do a post on formal season, because I know that most of my readers are involved in Greek life. The end of the semester always means FORMAL! Despite the panic associated with finding a date (that hasn't "socialized" with another girl in your sorority house), making a hair appointment, testing out the perfect "natural" face or smokey eye; the biggest panic (for me) is finding the perfect dress...oh and shoes...oh yeah, and bag.
Every year I say the same thing, "I'll recycle a dress" but can I do that, nope! And why you ask? It would apparently make sense to do so, since I only wear black to formal events (it's slimming DUH!). However, there is nothing like finding that new dress that makes you feel like a million bucks.

I want that spotlight-glimmer-shimmer-sparkly-deliriously-excited feeling when I get ready for formal, and for me a new dress does just that.
So trying on a million options, and then returning a million options, I am finally settled on a dress...and it only cost $10 after all the in-store sales! Hello Urban Behavior body-con snake-skin-pattern dress. With my new F21 black suede stiletto heels and my Grandma's vintage black beaded clutch, I will be the belle of the ball...or club, Monet Lounge to be more specific.
This is the first formal we are having at a lounge/club, no sit down dinner, no formal-ness about it at all...strictly dancing, drinks, and a ton of...drama? (I HOPE NOT!)

In case you have a formal coming up here are my tips for dressing for success:
  • Always make sure you feel 100% comfortable in what you wear. If you don't you will not have a fun night because you are going to be wondering if your "back-fat" or "love-handles" are apparent in every picture being taken (and there are A LOT of pictures at formal!)
  • Double, triple, quadruple check that no one in your sorority is wearing the same dress as you, girls tend to freak out at that type of thing...and do you really want to be comparing yourself to someone else the entire night!
  • If you are going to for a trendy dress, keep it classy and understated with accessories--let the main focus be the dress. Similarly if you have a basic dress, up the ante and wear tons of accessories *remember to sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!*
  • Make sure you can walk in your shoes...enough said!
  • Have fun, leave the drama at the door, because no matter how great your outfit is, a bad attitude (re: angry face) will make anything you wear look bad!
Have a great formal everyone, mine's on Sunday and I cannot wait. It will be such a nice break from my final projects and tests!
Let me know what you're wearing!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Inspired: Francoise Hardy

Ah this blog post feels so good...I have been working on my final writing portfolios all day and I need a little break...this blog post...before I take my break later and attend an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party! (Pictures soon to follow). Since I don't have any ugly sweaters (hello I am a fashion blogger with amazing clothes!--do you pick up on my sarcasm?! HAHA!) my friend Rachael is letting me borrow her mom's "ugly" pink Christmas sweater.
I think with some cute heels and a black high-waist-ed pencil skirt the whole look will be cute.
Anyway, a little inspiration for you...and me since I need the distraction, I present:
*Francoise Hardy*
She is the iconic French singer and actress...oh and astrologer.
Side note: I love astrology and am obsessed with being a
Virgo. That is actually my disclaimer when I talk..."it's because I am a Virgo."
Back to Francoise--I love her style. She was a huge icon in the 60's but I can't help but appreciate and admire her clothes with clean lines, and total sophistication.
Maybe it's the fact that she is French...French women just always look amazing, I don't know what it is, but I am definitely going to Paris to attempt to steal some Parisian style.
Oh, and can her hair be more choppy, la
yered, and perfect? I think not!
Have a lovely weekend!
I am going to continue to write, and write, and write, listen
to some Rihanna jams (hello random!)...and maybe (okay, definitely) have a cocktail or two.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Flying Like a Butterfly

Hey ladies!
Oh and a special shout out to all my UMASS girls!! (haha this is actually the most hilarious/greatest news I received all week! Thanks for reading!)
Okay so major updates here:
  • I have a formal date: woo hoo! More on this in future posts
  • I have a formal dress, and formal shoes: double woo hoo!
  • I drank a ton at Bonvue last night and do not feel hungover right now: triple woo hoo! (is that getting annoying yet?)
  • I think after graduation I am going to go to Europe! I am not sure how/why/where but I know in my heart it is something I NEED to do!
  • I am quickly approaching the end of my second to last semester of college, and it makes me appreciate everything so much more.
  • I love all my friends!
  • I love the direction I am going in my life, and even though I make mistakes, I would not trade anything I have experienced for the world!
  • Oh lastly, my sister was initiated into her sorority! Congrats D!
So last night Bonvue was a madhouse, I think it is because it is the first Thursday we are back since Thanksgiving. I literally felt like a little seashell being pushed with the tide anyway it moved--dance floor, bar, everywhere--I don't know what was going on...regardless I had an amazing time!
I wore these shoes: $29.95 at Wet Seal. I was looking for some military & equestrian inspired lace up-sky high heels...what do you think?

As for my outfit today:
  • Kelly green butterfly sweatshirt by WE THE FREE
  • Forever21 blue/black jeggings
  • GAP blue ruffle flats
I have such a strange mentality these days, I go through major bursts of different emotions. Some days I am super happy loving everything, the next I am in panic mode: what am I going to do with my life, I am only 21 why am I going to be in the real world soon, why can't I stop shopping when I'm sad? Oh the questions of my life!
Anyway, please follow the blog if you read, it will make me super happy!
Oh and my friend Alyssa and I are doing a photo shoot soon, so be prepared to see my model face (YEAH RIGHT!) all over this blog...not that you don't see enough of me already.
As always if you have any questions, just shoot me an email/message.
I love you all for reading!
Let's all get through Friday classes so we can enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doom & Gloom

I am really trying to look on the bright side despite events that have occurred over the past few days: speeding ticket, confusion with homework/grades, panic that I am graduating, family issues, etc.
It's been really hard to stay positive, but I know that I need to trick myself in to thinking that everything is great and fabulous--it's the only way for me to get over the bad ignore it until it eventually fizzles away (or builds up in to massive heaps).

Last night I watched a documentary called "The September Issue" about Vogue and the creation of the 2007 September issue of the magazine (the biggest edition the magazine had put out thus far!) I loved seeing designers such as Thakoon and Oscar de la Renta interact with fashion dynamo Anna Wintour. The whole time I was watching the movie I was thinking of the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep's character Miranda Priestly is exactly like Anna...the similarities are hilarious (even the pursing of the lips scene in the movie is documented!) I really recommend watching this if you have an interest in fashion, the magazine industry, and just style in general.

Comfort was the only thing I had on my mind today mostly because I have been moody and didn't feel like dressing up--but I love dressing up! Okay, I am making a pledge right now to all my readers, my outfits are going to be much better after today. Pessimism negatively affects wardrobe choices.
I'm wearing:
  • Dark wash BASS strait leg jeans
  • Ralph Lauren scoop neck black t-shirt
  • Marisa Christina brown, tan, and black sweater-coat
  • Purple, black, gold, brown Pashmina scarf
  • Minnetonka bow-tie broke today :(
I am going to work on having a positive attitude right now...wish me luck!