Monday, December 27, 2010

What I Love

So I was browsing which is a former British-only turned US-available online clothing company. Since I am blog obsessed, and some of my favorite bloggers are from overseas (Burn the Blonde, Fashion Hedonism, LLYMLRS) I have been checking out this site for a while. This is one of the looks that I have been loving recently. I love leather skirts and actually have one that I bought at Target (seen here) that I wear all the time. The shirt is casual but looks dressy with the skirt. I love the olive green color, I tend to buy this color a lot. I have a Long Champ tote as well as an Italian leather satchel in the olive tone and I think it's a nice break from black but still very easy to wear. As for the thigh-high socks; I love them and can not wait to invest in a pair. I am just a little nervous to wear them because it is a risky look for me. Although I love so many different styles (some plain-jane and some out of the box), I am scared to try a lot of the items I covet.
What do you think?

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