Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recycle Clothing

Hey, so you know how I posed before about my love of vintage? Searching through racks and racks of clothing, finding pre-worn treasures, creating new history with once loved pieces?
Well...when I come home sometimes I feel as if I am vintage shopping in my house. My sister and mother have massive purges of clothing--bags, shoes, pants, jackets, shirts--EVERYTHING! So when I come back I get piles and piles of things to sort through and try on...I LOVE IT!
Today I spent a few hours cleaning up the house by bagging up and donating our fabulously used/worn/loved clothes and shoes to our nearby Y (and by the way, it feels so good to donate, I recommend it!)
However, I did snag some things out of my sisters pile and I am wearing it right now.
Sorry if the clarify of the pictures are not so great, the lighting in my room at home is horrible, I must start taking actual digital pictures again, it's just hard because I don't have a tripod and I am self-timer-challenged (not that anyone really cares!)
Any-who, this is what I have on:
  • Op black leggings (a la Walmart)
  • Bass tall black riding boots
  • Thin black and gold studded belt (borrowed from D)
  • Vintage Stavana gray sweatshirt tunic (gifted from D)

This blog break felt so great. Since my life had been consumed by finals for the past week it's nice to have time to post again...I will be back tomorrow, I am off to work on my resume and job applications for the future (I just turned 21, why is this happening already!?!)

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