Monday, December 27, 2010

Florida Living

Hey everyone!
I have literally been gone for what seems like forever! I hope every one's holidays have been filled with fun, laughter, presents, food, and fitness (yeah, yeah, I like to work out!).
My outfit posts seem to be going down the drain recently, I don't know why but I have not been dressing up at all since I have come back from school. Next semester is a new story, I have an internship so I will need to dress up a lot, especially during cool is that, I can't wait to tell everyone about it!
Anyway, since I have been down in Florida I have bought a few new things...thanks Grandma!
  • Calvin Klein black velvet t-shirt
  • Converse black jean leggings (okay, "jeggings")
  • Mossimo for Target black blazer (on sale for $20!)
  • LeSportSac messenger/satchel bag (gifted from Grandma!)
  • a bunch of little odds and ends...eye shadow compacts (NP Set), cute little notebook (a la Target)
Question: am I the only fool who gets deliriously happy walking into Target? It is just such a happy place!
Anyway, this is just a post to get me back into the blogging game...I really missed it and I am going to try and do an outfit post later now that I figured out how to get Wifi in a Florida-retirement-community...yay internet access at Grandmas!
Okay, I am off to enjoy the sun and just lay low and relax until Friday...since my flight has been moved from tomorrow until then (THANKS EAST COAST SNOW STORM BLIZZARD CRAZINESS!)


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