Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a Formal-ity

Hey everyone!
How was every one's weekends? Mine was jam-packed! Studying for finals, editing my writing portfolios, getting ready for formal, going to formal, and recovering for formal...
Side note: I CAN NOT believe that I just attended one of my last sorority formals (1 more!), I am getting too old and I don't know how I feel about that (more on that in future posts!)
Now here I am, sitting on my couch in my beautifully clean Narragansett house (1 time/semester cleaners came today!) watching 27 Dresses with Nicole, doing my portfolio...I mean blogging.
My whole body aches--5 hours dancing at Monet, plus drinking last night, plus a recovery workout this morning--I am drained. I can not wait to have a nice big dinner later, the usual: huge sweet potato, veggie burger, and a heaping pile of veggies...don't forget the microwave popcorn for dessert.
Obviously you want the play-by-play, eat-by-eat of my life...
I have no outfit post today, sorry, but I am just bumming it in sweats!
Here are some pictures from formal last night. The dress was a success, everyone loved it, although I felt kind of self-conscious in it because it was so body conscious. friend Sydney said it looked great, and she is one of my best friends/wardrobe consultant and would never let me leave the house unless I looked good, so I guess I'm okay with the overall result.
My 5inch heels that were supposed to be "killer" weren't so bad...I definitely felt the pain the last hour of formal though. Miraculously, I wore them all night!
Anyway, I am off to work...or procrastinate.
xoxoSydney, Emily, Me, Elora
Niki, Me, Rachael


  1. YAY for dancing at formal!! What sorority are you in? You look greattt!

  2. Thanks girl! I am so exhausted, so much dancing. I am in Phi Sigma Sigma...what about you?