Cassie Spills

Hey y'all! I wanted to formally say hello! I really appreciate you stopping by Candidly Cassie, my little haven on the inter-web :) This blog started as a class project and was mostly centered on fashion and style. While at first I posted about the styles of celebrities that I worshiped from afar, I eventually started posting my own outfits. Each and every post provided me with more and more self confidence. I started dressing the way I wanted and not even asking my friends what they thought. Who was this girl that was changing right before my eyes...oh wait, it was me. I guess you deserve a little background info. though.

During my high school years I was very overweight (size 16). I lacked self-esteem, friends (I was a miserable mess) and direction. With my senior year ending and college right around the corner, I made the decision to change my life. I began working out, I got a nutritionist and I eventually started loosing weight. Eventually I joined weight watchers--an weight loss approach focused on portion control. Sadly I took it too far, measuring everything, counting everything, working out NON-STOP! I reached a scary place where I couldn't eat out, actually I couldn't eat around anyone because I was so scared of food; not being able to measure it, see nutritional information, tally my calories, etc. That's not living.

Back to fashion. For the first time in my life I feel confident dressing and shopping. I feel good in my skin...yes there are times I get down, and yes there are times I wish I didn't have flab here or there, but this is a time in my life where I am embracing who I am (in my skin) and trying to live life to the fullest. I made the conscious choice to change the format of my blog, from a strict fashion blog to a lifestyle blog. I want to focus on food, fashion, fitness, inspiration, arts & crafts (childish much?)...everything that makes me tick. Why limit my blog to one thing when I am multi-dimensional? Why think one way is the only way? I used to think in extremes, but why? The beauty in life is being able to change, modify, adapt, to be as different and unique as I want to be. I'm ready to embrace this new phase of my life and I'm glad you're here to read about it! :)


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