Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sharing is Caring

So I forgot to take my WIAW pictures...again! I have just been going nuts lately with work and figuring out my new schedule! Any way, remember yesterday when I told you how I may be on the Wendy Williams Show...well first step of the process was to make a short YouTube video explaining why I want to be on the show and her FNO Correspondent. Why not share the video? It's pretty silly and remember: this was after a long day and commute from NYC--maybe I am delirious in it. Figured I'd give everyone a laugh on hump day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sorry I haven't been posting/commenting lately--I miss you all a ton! I have been super busy because...I OFFICIALLY HAVE A JOB! Oh, and I got an awesome phone call last night. I have an audition to be the Fashion's Night Out Correspondent for the Wendy Williams Show!!!

Life is beautiful :) 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Can't Do Wrong

Seriously, Isabel Marant CANNOT do wrong. Every single look she creates is just amazing; the colors, the layering, the textures, the patterns. I don't know how she does it but every look mixes subtle sexiness and tom-boyish-ness (word? Or did I just invent that?). Whether she couples sequined cigarette pants with a patterned sheer top or pairs cutoff denim shorts with a chunky winter sweater and thigh high boots, everything looks so comfy, relaxed and PERFECT!

Who is your favorite designer(s)? Mine is hands down Isabel Marant...okay, with some Ralph Lauren mixed in! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Putting My Big Girl Pants On

Yesterday left me drained--mentally, physically...just done. I could barely keep my eyes open during my commute home, and I just wanted to cry. Sorry for the sad illustration of my evening, but I realized something when I woke up this goes on. I took today off from the gym because I really need a rest day (or 2), ate a great breakfast, and put on my favorite feel-good outfit. Now, I'm not saying these little tweaks can make all my problems from yesterday vanish, but it lets me know that there are still things I can do to make myself feel good. The important thing for me to remember is to NOT bask in my misery. You know; just stew in it, let it boil up, utterly consume every part of me. No Sir! I need to nip these feelings in the bud, discover how to make myself feel better and get over it.

I'll try to end on a happy note: any advice for how to meet new people--not necessarily guys, but that wouldn't hurt either ;) I find that moving back home has been a challenge. My friends and I are never in the same place anymore and we all have completely opposite schedules! I want to find another group of friends, not to replace my oldest and dearest, mind you, but to just put myself out there, find a new hobby, learn some new things about myself. Any advice? Know websites to check out? Places to go? Etc. I'm in the New York City area so it shouldn't be that hard, right? Open to all suggestions. Thanks and Happy Hump Day (finally!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picture Recap: My Weekend

I don't want to bore you all with tons of reading today. Okay, okay...I'm just really tired and didn't feel like typing much. Here are some pictures from the Brooklyn Flea Market. Check it out if you are ever in Brooklyn on a Saturday or Sunday! 
*Poor photo-quality, thanks to my hated beloved Blackberry!* 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Market

Today I went to the Brooklyn Flea Market and let me tell didn't disappoint. I have heard mixed reviews. Some people--aka Me :)--find the BKFlea to be a treasure trove of goodies, while others find it to be filled with used, and worn junk. I loved sifting through tons of colorful paintings, old records, original jewelry and gently worn clothes and accessories. There is something so romantic about the stories behind each and every one of these pieces. Who did they belong to? What kind of memories were made with them? Today I scored an amazing vintage Dooney & Bourke bag for $38 and a gold horseshoe necklace (pictures to come!). The woman who sold me the purse was adorable, placing a "lucky penny" in the zippered pouch of the bag, "because we can all use a little more luck," she said. I liked her way of thinking and I loved the laid back vibe of the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene; I can't wait to explore the one in Williamsburg too!

Does anyone else love flea markets? Thrifting? Score anything good? 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Issue: Eating

Hey, all! I know the title of my post is a little drab, and I in no way am trying to indicate a problem with eating (disclosing that first and foremost!). I love eating, I love everything about it--the tastes, the textures, from the steam rising off my hot oats in the morning to the creamy and smooth smoothie I knock back after workouts. I am having a little trouble though and I'd love every one's advice.

Lately I have been hungry. Not just hungry, but HUNGRY! Can you see the difference. Actually, I won't lie to you all. I'm not all that hungry, I just want to seems to be spiraling out of control lately and it's scaring me. I remember myself overweight and so unhappy during my high school years and I never want to go back there again. I love looking in the mirror and feeling fit and confident. So if I feel this way when I look in the mirror why do I run to the kitchen, feeling like I have been in starvation mode, making 3 bags of popcorn and shoveling them in my mouth like an uncontrollable beast?

How do you deal with hunger? How do you practice healthy eating? I have been such an extremist (in every aspect of my life) and have gone from binge eating to hardly eating (I don't want to get back into that either). I'd love any advice how to deal with these feelings, or how to figure out this whole "eating" process, it truly has me stumped.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Short Hair...Don't Care

I did it--the "long hair, don't care" girl became the "short hair, don't care" girl! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Hair Blues

Sometimes I put WAY too much emphasis on my hair. Let me break it down for you all--I hide behind my hair. I love my hair. I wear it down so it flows down my back. I scoop it into a bun, placing it high on my head, reaching Cindy Lou Who from Whoville territory. I even like whipping my hair when I dance (I'm no Willow Smith, but I whip it back and forth now and again).

However, recently I have wanted to do something different. No, I don't want to chop 10 inches off, nor do I want to shave my whole head a la GI Jane (although, I wish I was brave enough to do so). But, I want something lighter, something flowy, something fun, and different. 

You know how I've been posting about "being you," and not giving a s*** about what anyone else says?--sorry, inner-badass surfacing--but that's what I want, to just cut my hair because I want to. Not worry about how it won't be as long, or how I can no longer hide behind it anymore. With all that said, I am going to work up the courage to get my hair cut today.

I've faced some fears in the past few weeks, so why not face my "short" hair fear. "What have you faced, Cassie?" you may be asking yourself. Well, dear friends...
  • Leaving the security of a paid position in a weeks time to figure out what I want to do with my life: work-wise.
  • Planning a solo trip to Madrid and Rome--I've always wanted to go abroad in college but fear held me back, Ciao to that!
  • Told a friend how I really feel about a toxic friendship we have been in: it's never healthy to let things stew.
  • Broke my eating and exercise rules: meticulous portion measuring, eating the SAME thing every day, working out EVERY day, and killing myself over all of it. Food and exercise freedom is truly exhilarating if you try it and stick with it. It's hard but so worth it.
Anyone else feel the same? Maybe I'll just quote Matchbox Twenty, right now...
"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. I know, right now you can't tell. Just stay a while a maybe then you'll see, a different side of me." 
(PS: Sorry for the Pauly D. advertisement if you click the song link haha)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Art of Appreciation

I've tweeted and posted so many times about my love of city living ( working/partying/adventuring/etc...the living in/moving in part I'm still working on). Working so much has left little time for blogging and while it bums me out, I hope everyone stays with me, even though I can't post as often. I have found a sense of community here, and while it seems strange to say that I have formed friendships with perfect strangers...I can't help but say it, because I have!

Back to the topic of the city...walking in the city today and seeing everything around me made me so appreciative of the things I have and the things I have overcome. I guess I experienced a type of epiphany. A huge part of this is body image. I would go on and on about it but I think that Natalie did such a great job posting about "body love" that you should just head to Cinnamon Bums and read her post for yourself. Appreciation is something I non-stop wondered about this morning. I have such a huge appreciation for my family and friends and everything they have given and provided me with, be it tangible or invisible. I should appreciate my body and not FREAK OUT over imagined flaws, I should love my personality because it truly displays who I am; goofy, motivated, opinionated, loving, caring, adventurous, friendly, and intelligent.

We all need to appreciate everything we have and not constantly think of how we need to improve, change, mold, grow. While all these things are great, sometimes it's also nice to stay in the moment and give yourself a nice pat on the back for being awesome...right now--not in an hour, or a week, or a year from now, but right now!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Watch My Shoes

Okay, now I have the Lil Wayne song stuck in my head...oh, well! I had to post because I just got the coolest, most amazing shoes ever; the Alex Camp in blue by The Frye Company. I love, love, love 'em! Best part: I paid half of the retail price, *victory cry!!!*

Hope everyone is having an awesome day :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Catching Up

I've been away for so many days...well, not really away, but away from all you beautiful people. I've tried to comment on all of your blogs but my Google reader is OUT. OF. CONTROL. and it's a little hard to catch up--and very intimidating, I may add. Hopefully this weekend will be filled with catching up on blogs, laying by my pool and going to COSTCO...because really, who doesn't love buying bulk-items? Let me rephrase: I'm a weirdo that loves going to COSTO and buying everything in bulk. Diet Snapple, Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers, Organic salsa, industrial size bag of carrots...the works :) I also have a recipe or two that I have been dying to try out so I WILL be blogging this weekend.

Fyi: I'm blowing up the Twitter world--follow me, let's be friends :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweaty New Yorkers...did I get your attention?

Lately I've been so busy. SUPER BUSY. Wake up at 4:50am and home by 7:30pm kind of busy. Sadly, blogging has taken a backseat to so many new experiences and opportunities. It's hard to go from posting a ton to hardly posting at all, but hopefully everything finds balance soon. All I know is that if there were no 5am gym sessions then I would have no idea people actually wore "Rex Kwon Do" pants a la Napoleon Dynamite to work out. No 7:01am train would mean I would completely miss catch up time with one of my best friends and "seat-buddy" Kim. No 9am work schedules would mean I wouldn't know so many amazing people, laugh my head off, and absolutely LOVE making the 1+ hour commute. And if I missed the 6:08pm train home? Let's just say I'd miss a ton of sweaty, grouchy, loud-phone-talking New Yorkers, hoping to sit next to me on the train...because I always get a prime spot :) Hey, at least they give me something to laugh about! So here's to new beginnings--hard to get used to but worthwhile in the end!