Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Hair Blues

Sometimes I put WAY too much emphasis on my hair. Let me break it down for you all--I hide behind my hair. I love my hair. I wear it down so it flows down my back. I scoop it into a bun, placing it high on my head, reaching Cindy Lou Who from Whoville territory. I even like whipping my hair when I dance (I'm no Willow Smith, but I whip it back and forth now and again).

However, recently I have wanted to do something different. No, I don't want to chop 10 inches off, nor do I want to shave my whole head a la GI Jane (although, I wish I was brave enough to do so). But, I want something lighter, something flowy, something fun, and different. 

You know how I've been posting about "being you," and not giving a s*** about what anyone else says?--sorry, inner-badass surfacing--but that's what I want, to just cut my hair because I want to. Not worry about how it won't be as long, or how I can no longer hide behind it anymore. With all that said, I am going to work up the courage to get my hair cut today.

I've faced some fears in the past few weeks, so why not face my "short" hair fear. "What have you faced, Cassie?" you may be asking yourself. Well, dear friends...
  • Leaving the security of a paid position in a weeks time to figure out what I want to do with my life: work-wise.
  • Planning a solo trip to Madrid and Rome--I've always wanted to go abroad in college but fear held me back, Ciao to that!
  • Told a friend how I really feel about a toxic friendship we have been in: it's never healthy to let things stew.
  • Broke my eating and exercise rules: meticulous portion measuring, eating the SAME thing every day, working out EVERY day, and killing myself over all of it. Food and exercise freedom is truly exhilarating if you try it and stick with it. It's hard but so worth it.
Anyone else feel the same? Maybe I'll just quote Matchbox Twenty, right now...
"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. I know, right now you can't tell. Just stay a while a maybe then you'll see, a different side of me." 
(PS: Sorry for the Pauly D. advertisement if you click the song link haha)


  1. I can totally relate! I had really long hair after grade 12, and I hid behind it too. I decided to donate it to cancer but I was so scared. It was long enough that my "short hair" was still collar bone length and I loved it! Listen to "I am not my hair" by Indie Arie, it made me feel better when I was freaking out before getting it cut :)

  2. wow you have made some major changes! Good for youuu! My friend cut her hair very short last year and it ended up being a huge hit and is now her trademark so I say go for it!

  3. I love all of the fears that you are facing! Good for you :). What do you think you want to do with your life? Also, you will look great with shorter hair!

  4. Woo! Go girl! You've really done some amazing things lately, and I'm sure that cutting your hair is going to be equally as amazing and freeing. I can't wait to see how it looks! I've had long hair for the majority of my life as well, but lately I've been entertaining the idea of shortening it up. We'll see what happens :D

  5. You go girl breaking all your fears! Maybe one day you'll get over the short hair fear, did you see the White Girl Problems tweet from yesterday about cutting off an inch and half of her hair and feeling naked? It was funny and sometimes that's how I feel when it comes to cutting my hair! You can do it though, I think it would look great!

  6. I've been wanting to cut my hair as well....but I don't know if my hair makes me feel secure or something...or like you said, you can hide behind it, but I completely understand where you are coming from. But for the last year or more I've been wanting to rock the hell out of those fab bobs Ms Victoria Beckham/Jennifer Aniston made of these days!

  7. Having had hair down past my bum and then cutting it like a boy hehe, i can say it was so freeing and really forced me to grow and develop a stronger sense of confidence. it is growing out now but i love it both ways. i definitely don't regret cutting it short- it was fun while it lasted! <3 <3

  8. haha you have a fantastic blog here! Loved the Willow Smith reference! I love that you are going to Madrid and Spain alone-you will take it amazing culture and really do everything for you! I say, cut your hair! Do it! Liberate your scalp!


    Erin @

  9. Ohh, I hope you do it! I cut my butt-length hair to shoulder length, then two months later went mohawk (buzzed sides and all)--best feeling ever! And I need to break out of that must-workout-every-day thing, glad you did!