Monday, February 14, 2011

Beautiful Love

So my Valentine's Day is not going to be a gushy-dinner-flowers-romantic holiday anymore. Unfortunately yesterday I told my "tentative" valentine that it is probably best if we "end" things. Although the situation is confusing (and I will spare you all the details), I am really happy to have a good head on my shoulders. Yeah I make mistakes, and sometimes I think to quickly, jump the gun (not literally) and act way to spontaneously for my own good...but I wouldn't change myself for the world. So today on Valentine's Day, a day celebrating love, I am going to celebrate myself. This is the first time (in adulthood) that I have ever felt confident in being me. I am finally happy in my own skin; I found love and support in the blogging community that I never knew existed and I have tried to step outside of my comfort zone style-wise (a major confidence boost). Aside from those two things I finally found a work out regiment that works for me and I feel happy, healthy, and strong!
So to all you happy, healthy, and confident ladies out there: let's celebrate being in love with who we are...because it's about damn time!

5 Ways to enjoy a Single Girl's Valentine's Day
  1. Don a pretty dress: it's a day of love, just do it!
  2. Call someone (a family member, friend) and tell them that you love them! Or send a cute Kate Spade e-card! As The Alternative Wife reminded her readers Valentines day is "a day to celebrate all types of love. Love of family, friends, or a significant other. It's about valuing all the love you have in your life."
  3.  Watch the movie Valentine's's just a feel good movie!
  4. Do something that makes you feel strong and beautiful--go to the gym, take a long walk, buy a new lip stick, paint your nails a pretty ballet pink or fire engine red!
  5. Cheat a little: go ahead and have that piece of red velvet cake, or buy some X&O gummies! You can splurge today! 

Happy Valentine's Day Girls! 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! I have always loved it no matter if I was with someone or single. Maybe it's just the fact that I absolutely adore pink. I haven't seen Valentine's Day I heard that it wasn't that good so I never bother to check it out.


  2. Happy Valentines Day! What a great post!

  3. Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy it and soak up the love! bisou, bisou!

  4. Fabulous post--by a fabulous girl! Love your attitude on today :) hope you have a great day, my dear! xoxo {av}

  5. Definitely sent out my fair share of kate spade e-valentines! And I love the movie Valentine's day!! xo


  6. Good for you, sweetie! You're worth celebrating! You have a fabulous attitude and I just love your tips. And thanks for much for the mention. You're the sweetest :)

    Have fun tonite and Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

  7. What a gorgeous, PINK post! Happy valentine's day girl!

  8. Awe! What an inspiring post! It feels good to have confidence in yourself and know that you don't need any one person ti make you feel that way. I love that movie btw!

  9. I'm not single, but this is a great list for any lady. I mean who doesn't want to indulge in chocolate or gummies on Valentine's Day? :)

    On another note, it seems like a lot of my friends have been making the mature decision of parting ways with their significant others last week. It's a very mature decision to know what you want and only you know yourself best. Enjoy your special day!

  10. I have that exact nail polish and I love it!

  11. What a great list & collage! Nothing wrong with doing the single girl thing! My husband had to work on VDay so I tagged along with a group of my single friends last night and we had a blast!!
    Hope you're having a great week!

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    Glamour Marmalade

  13. The Kate Spade Cards were fantastic! I sent out around 10! Love red velvet cupcakes!