Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let me Join the Crew!

I fell. Yep, on my icy, icy, driveway! The weather is so horrible today; chilly, windy, rainy, snowy...did I mention ICY?
Today I wore a very well put together outfit (that was more Ralph Lauren equestrian than GI Jane), but unfortunately didn't have S photograph it. Why you may be wondering? Doesn't S always wake up at 8:30am to take your OOTD pictures? Or doesn't she take them before you hit the town running with your 5inch stiletto boots? Well..she usually does, however, today I had to wake up at 7AM to drive my car IN THE ICE (sorry for the emphasis but it is really icy) to the Toyota Dealership to get it serviced (people: do not neglect your warning lights on your cars...especially in the winter!). Therefore, I went from the dealership to school, to the gym and got all sweaty (so no, there will be no outfit picture today). I showered, put on some warm sweats, WITH FUZZY SOCKS (invest) and decided I will be a legitimate outfit repeater sometime next week (and I will share the outfit in all it's glory! But you need to wait patiently!)
So I need some pretty inspiration and you do too. Let's all pretend we can afford every piece in the Spring 2011 J. Crew Collection. Can it be more perfect? Really? Can it? I want it all! Stripes, sequins, tailored blazers, strappy-flat sandals, chambray, cropped jeans, belts & button-downs, earth tones & neon's, prints & bows, ruffles & statement jewelry...magically appear in my closet please?

What inspires you on these dreary and ICY days?


  1. Its the same way here! :/
    and I am in LOVE with these pieces. Ecpseically that first skirt! Spring clothes definently inspire me. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. Aww sorry about the fall!
    I really love a lot of these looks... one of my faves is the bottom row second from left!

  3. I will most definitely be referencing this for my 30! I'm in LOVE with each and every one of these!

  4. the j.crew collection looks fabulous & im in a cold weather rut too!!

    stop by sometime<3

  5. Man, Jcrew has upped its game in the past couple of years! They are so much trendier and on point now! I love these looks and it makes me want spring to come NOW!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. I am seriously drooling over these looks right now! I am in love with those turquoise items!

  7. Oh my gosh. OBSESSED with the whole J. Crew collection. I thought about doing a whole post dedicated to it and all it's glory too. (Still might have too) But I hope you stay warm dear & all the darn ice melts! xo



  8. Oh no! Hope you're ok! I was afraid I was going to fall today too....it was a sheet of thick ice out there. I so have Spring fever and I'm dreaming away thanks to you and J. Crew :) xoxo

  9. Oh, JCrew, how I do love thee....