Sunday, February 13, 2011

More is More...

Remember these shoes? For some reason I hadn't been wearing them AT ALL since I bought them in mid-2010! It was so strange because I love them so much. However, last night was the third night in a row that I wore those babies out on the town! I have noticed how much I love the rough-and-tough edginess they provide to an outfit...and I also realized something, I have been dressing way, way, way, more "conservative" (and I use that term loosely) lately.
I will confess that just last semester (and every semester of college previously) I have dressed like every other girl out there; I followed the "less is more" approach. Now I see those girls and wonder where they left their jacket or tights...because surely no one could be wearing a skirt that high or a top that low (am I an old fart now?) I just really appreciate tailored clothing, a good fit...classy and understated women...that is true sex appeal in my opinion:
I know of my sex appeal. I know about sexuality, and I know how to use it - tastefully, of course.
Rachel Bilson
Last night when I went out, I admit I did try on that god-awful tight and short black body-con skirt I have worn to death (I think the color is charcoal gray now...originally black), and thought twice. Instead I put on:
Harem pants: Forever21, Tank Top: Kimichi Blue (via Urban Outfitters), Boots: Wet Seal, Leopard Belt: George (via Walmart), Watch: Michael Kors

Has your styled changed drastically in your 20's? I feel like I am growing up and trying and hoping to be more wardrobe-appropriate-conscious.

PS: Sorry again for the horrible pictures, S will be back soon!


  1. I love these shoes - you definitely need to wear them more often!

    My style definitely changed throughout my 20's, but I think it's expected.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  2. Yep it has, so much! I used to be all about cute screen tees with glitter and pretty ballerina flats, but now that I'e joined the laboral world I have to be more conscious and always look like business, although I'm aware I still have a lot to learn, guess bloggging has helped a lot! Love the leopard belt, edgy choices make great outfits!

  3. love this look. my style has definitely changed and become more polished - now that i am in my late 20s. xo kendall

  4. you look great - love the boots! hmm.. I think that I've started to refine and get a handle on what sort of things suit me and what I like to wear. More polished I think than I used to be

  5. my style has definitely evolved...and I have to say, the look you have going on in this post = AWESOME. it's taken me a while to admit it, but I definitely look better in a little more, rather than a little less. though I'm not seeking out a man anymore, I don't want to attract any undue attention haha. great post! xoxo {av}

  6. Cassie thanks for you sweet comments.

  7. i LOVE the pants darling...
    my style has definitely evolved these last year or so. maybe the 20s are a time of self discovery when it comes to fashion ;)

  8. This outfit looks great! Since moving to NY at age 21, I have sooo transitioned wardrobe-wise from my bright and summery Los Angeles attire to wearing tons of black (chic'er? makes me look slimmer? or just easier?) and I've really gotten into wearing silk and satin lately...probably because I can now afford to dry clean them as opposed to when I was a little younger!