Friday, December 3, 2010

Flying Like a Butterfly

Hey ladies!
Oh and a special shout out to all my UMASS girls!! (haha this is actually the most hilarious/greatest news I received all week! Thanks for reading!)
Okay so major updates here:
  • I have a formal date: woo hoo! More on this in future posts
  • I have a formal dress, and formal shoes: double woo hoo!
  • I drank a ton at Bonvue last night and do not feel hungover right now: triple woo hoo! (is that getting annoying yet?)
  • I think after graduation I am going to go to Europe! I am not sure how/why/where but I know in my heart it is something I NEED to do!
  • I am quickly approaching the end of my second to last semester of college, and it makes me appreciate everything so much more.
  • I love all my friends!
  • I love the direction I am going in my life, and even though I make mistakes, I would not trade anything I have experienced for the world!
  • Oh lastly, my sister was initiated into her sorority! Congrats D!
So last night Bonvue was a madhouse, I think it is because it is the first Thursday we are back since Thanksgiving. I literally felt like a little seashell being pushed with the tide anyway it moved--dance floor, bar, everywhere--I don't know what was going on...regardless I had an amazing time!
I wore these shoes: $29.95 at Wet Seal. I was looking for some military & equestrian inspired lace up-sky high heels...what do you think?

As for my outfit today:
  • Kelly green butterfly sweatshirt by WE THE FREE
  • Forever21 blue/black jeggings
  • GAP blue ruffle flats
I have such a strange mentality these days, I go through major bursts of different emotions. Some days I am super happy loving everything, the next I am in panic mode: what am I going to do with my life, I am only 21 why am I going to be in the real world soon, why can't I stop shopping when I'm sad? Oh the questions of my life!
Anyway, please follow the blog if you read, it will make me super happy!
Oh and my friend Alyssa and I are doing a photo shoot soon, so be prepared to see my model face (YEAH RIGHT!) all over this blog...not that you don't see enough of me already.
As always if you have any questions, just shoot me an email/message.
I love you all for reading!
Let's all get through Friday classes so we can enjoy the weekend!

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