Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Pumkin, Only Applesauce

Everyone has problems, right? Let me tell you about two problems that I have, I can't find peanut flour OR canned pumpkin. Now in the grand scheme of things I know these things aren't a big deal (not in the slightest) but I've been playing around with different breakfast combination's in my head and NEED these two items. As food enthusiasts I know you all know what I'm talking about--you have this craving, an anticipation of a certain taste on your tongue (don't make that raunchy, people!) and you need it, ASAPNow! So where are you lovely people getting your canned pumpkin and peanut flour...not at Trader Joe's, not at Whole Foods, not at Stop & Shop--oh Gosh, where the heck are these things? Please share!

Anyway, due to the lack of peanut flour and canned pumpkin in my life I decided to experiment with applesauce. So I made my normal hot oats and added in about a 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce with a packet of truvia and nuked it for about a minute. Then threw in the basic berries, peanut butter, grape preserves, banana, cinnamon and apple oats :)

It was delicious-- so make it, savor every bite, spread the word!

On an unrelated note, I have a question about lifting (figured I'd throw it out to my lovely bloggy friends). I have been lifting a few times (mostly arms so far), and I have weird chest-aches. Can you pull something in your chest? Did I strain something? Did I lift too much weight? Have you ever experienced this? Help me quick before I misdiagnose myself on Web MD!


  1. OMG THOSE OATS!! I'm coming over to steal them right now! :D
    I've experienced those chest pains too before, kind of like in the center of your chest, all achy? It happened to me when I lifted too much on a chest day, but it went away about 2ish weeks later

  2. You definitely could have done something lifting! If you weren't using proper form something could happen. Also, your body just may be getting used to it so you could be really sore!

  3. I've put applesauce in my oats before and it's definitely delicious. I love having it with raisins and some almond butter... tastes just like apple pie :D

    And the chest pain sounds like you just pulled a muscle, or worked something that you're not used to working, so it left you a bit sore. I went through the same thing when I first started doing pushups and working my chest. It SHOULD go away after a little while, but keep an eye on it.

  4. Is it an ache other than general muscle soreness? I know my chest gets sore easily if I lift after ignoring it for a while.

    Your oatmeal is beautiful. And yes, I mean beautiful.

    And I can find canned pumpkin at my local Kroger, but have had no luck with peanut flour, either. Have you tried amazon? It sounds ridiculous, but even with canned goods you can sometimes get free shipping if you hit their $25 mark. Hmm, you could also probably buy a sweet squash, roast and blend yourself if you are desperate for pumpkin-like breakfast ingredients.

  5. I tried to find peanut flower in TJ's and they discontinued it so I gave up! Applesauce sounds like a good alternative.


  6. wow! What a great idea!!! Definitely need to make this.


  7. yes yes yes- you can pull several of the small muscles in your chest! I did a lot of research after this happened to me- give it a day or so, do lots of gentle stretching, it should go away!

  8. I've definitely had that chest ache after lifting. I'm sure it's ok!