Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ziplock Bags Full of Food...oh, and Some Fashion

Due to my recent hectic life I have been forced to transport my food as follows:

Breakfast: Dannon Light and Fit yogurt, Granny Smith apple, Red seedless grapes, 1c. Puffins original flavor, water 

Lunch: Sandwich- Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Spinach leaves, 100cal flat bread, Granny Smith apple, Nature Valley granola bar, Diet Raspberry Snapple

Don't make bags have feelings too :)
BTW: Check out my last post for some great snacking/packing food ideas in the comments section!

So despite the fact that I haven't had hot oats in 4 days...major, major :( aka sad face, I have seen some really cool stuff! I'll leave you with pictures because I can't keep my eyes tweets say it all.

I'm deliriously exhausted (but oh so happy with how things are turning out!) 

One look I saw at Première Vision Preview New York!
Another look from Première Vision Preview New York
Spring shoes from the Nicole Shoes collection--I visited the showroom
Fall 2012 Oxfords by Nicole Shoes


  1. I love your ziplock bags full of food hahah. Looks like you found some great transportable options. You should get a cute lunch bag tote!

  2. The looks are gorgeous! Love the shoes! Also, you are one very organized meal planner;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Light and Fit is like my favorite yogurt! I'm with Allison, you should get a cute lunch bag to pack all your snacks! Those shoes are gorgeous! So glad you are getting to do stuff that you love!

  4. Haha the girl on the camel made me laugh. No idea why, but it's just so random. And girllll I have no idea how you're managing that long without stovetop oats... I'd go nuts. can't you make em the night before and then just pack em in the morning?

  5. No shame in a ziploc bag! Before I bought my oh-so-favorite lunch bag, I used to use the small paper shopping bags from gift shops to bring my lunch :)

  6. Ziplocs are so convenient for transporting food! That's great your happy with how things are turning out! :)

  7. Ohh, those shoes! And I will never make fun of food in ziplocs, as that is my preferred (or cheap and lazy) way to transport food.