Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thanks a Million!

I just wanted to pop in quick and send a huge thank you towards anyone that read and commented on my last post! This week has been a whirlwind so far and I think everyone is 100% right--with tons of planning and patience, I will adjust to my new schedule. So, I was negligent again in taking pictures for WIAW...and believe me, I'm really upset about it--second week in a row that I'm missing it :( This is what I'm going to do, I'm linking you all to Jenn's page Peas and Crayons so you can still see some great eats (even if they're not mine!)

While your all here...I need some help! What are great foods to pack for a long commute? I need breakfast, snacks, and lunch! Any good pack-and-go products out there? I am looking for food/meals to create that require little/no prep time! Also, there is a major need for fullness because I have been a hungry beast lately! Thanks again for the other day, I hope everyone gets over the hump that is hump day! I'm gonna slap a smile on my face and make today an good excellent day! Hey, you see that sun?? *happy dance*


  1. I know what you mean-I have been so hungry too lately! For snacks I love popcorn, pretzels, fruit, carrots and celery, and hummus with anything! Since I'm at home this Summer and my Mom is a very healthy cook I love bringing healthy left overs to work as well. My little lunch box is insulated so they can withstand the 45 minute to 1 hour long commute.

  2. Good luck getting into your new schedule! I've been loving the Cliff Bar Crunch Granola bars there are 2 in a pack and only 180 calories! I take them when I have class on Tuesday/Thursday and need a little snack!

  3. Oh how I hate packing food - I always get so lazy with it lol. Some good breakfasts would be smoothies, or overnight oats or cooked oatmeal made the night before and stored in the fridge. Or a tupperware container with yogurt, cereal, fruit, and nut butter. For snacks I like nuts, dried fruit, bars, hummus with carrots, bananas with nut butter, protein balls, muffins... Annnnnd for lunch, usually I would just take some kind of wrap or an AB/banana sandwich with a pot of yogurt and an apple.

  4. Muffins always make a good carry-able breakfast, plus if you make your own you can fill them with fruit/nuts/filling goodness. Lunch--peanut butter sandwiches. Okay, that's the five year old in me, but I love taking a smooshy PB&J with me to work (or even better, and PB&Banana&Honey). Granola bars are great snacks (again, can make your own), as is trail mix, since you can pick at it over a long period of time. Din? Hmm, that one's harder. Maybe make big batches of something like enchiladas that you can take some of each day?

  5. Long commute snacks I heart:

    * baggies of chopped/peeled/loose fruit
    * pasta salads with lots of veggies and a little baggie or container of dressing to drizzle on em!
    * homemade wraps and breakfast sandwiches/burritos

    adding your fav protein sources will help keep ya fuller longer. esp nuts and beans! =) though other sources work fabulously too! hope that helps =)


  6. Packing for a commute can always be so tedious. Try popping a bag of snacksize popcorn the night before, or putting dry cereal in a baggie mixed with nuts, and dried fruit. :)

  7. Bananas, apples, apple sauces, crackers and cheese, peanut butter and toast, tortilla chips, bars, yogurts (if you have a cooler), popcorn, carrots, hummus, leftovers from the night before...! I love packing snacks. Can you tell?

  8. Do you have access to a fridge?

    I'm all about snacks usually if I have to pack multiple meals - pieces of fruit, popcorn, string cheese, nut butter sandwiches, yogurt...

  9. I like to bring things in in lg. quantities to keep at my desk. I work in Boston so it is so easy to go buy something -- the worst habit to get into (trust me!) because it's a waste of cals+cash. I usually have a jar of peanut butter, and bring in celery or a granny smith apple to work, and keep a sleeve of saltines at my desk so I can have a cracker with pb if I get hungry. I also keep a resealable bag of almonds and just make sure I don't mindlessly munch on them all day. I also love Trader Joe's Fiberful bars, they are only 60 cals and have 6g of fiber in them, and they are delicious! TJ's also has amazing pre-cooked balsamic chicken that I bring to work often (super easy, and I bring a piece and some carrots or something).

    100cal popcorn bags, string cheese, and sugar free pudding/applesauce are all amazing too.

    Also, GL with the transition -- you'll get used to it in no time, I promise. I started my full-time job early, in February of my senior year (I graduated in 09), and I was completely swamped from then - graduation, so if you need to vent, I can empathize!

    xo lamb loves

  10. I like to pack string cheese, fruit, and bars. they are all easy, portable and safe without a fridge! oh, and I portion out nuts and put them in plastic baggies!