Friday, November 26, 2010


How was every one's Thanksgiving?

Mine was pretty good: great food, family, and a bunch of laughs...
Despite the Holiday cheer: the colorful leaves, sweet aromas, gift giving guides, and (gasp, already!) Christmas music, it may be hard to believe that I am in a rut.
It's not like I am stressed, or heartbreakingly sad...I am just blah!
I wish I could clearly articulate my stresses or worries, it would probably be therapeutic and helpful but for some weird and bizarre reason, I can't get it out; I can't unleash the inner demons that are driving me mad right now, absolutely MAD!
I think it's the feeling of being stuck: stuck in a place, stuck with the same people (although I love everyone in my life). I crave something new and different, which is weird considering I am usually scared of change. I am just looking for different? unexpected? challenging?

I know this is a fashion blog, and no one wants to read about my foolish woes, so I guess I can appease you all...although I do not have an outfit post (major SLACKER, I have been bumming it since I have been home for break), I have something I want to show you guys!
These are the new black heels I got at Forever21 for $23.00.
They are super high and super cute and I can't wait to wear them at my sorority formal in December...all I need now is a dress....oh yeah, and a date!

What do you guys think? Do you love them as much as I do?

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Break, let me know all your black Friday purchases!
I hope I can get out of this rut: so far I have been trying with tons of Kettle Corn and movie--I went from Post Grad to Sweet November.
Wish me luck!

PS: I guess enjoying the simple things in life is my first step in getting over this rut. I am just going to take some advice from the character of Adam Davies in Post Grad,
"Every evil, terrible thing that ever occurs in the world is directly offset, counterbalanced if you will, by the complete utter joy of biting into an Eskimo Pie. It's the way we maintain balance in the universe."

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