Friday, November 19, 2010


Hey everyone!
First off, I have a question: do you guys like when I post my outfits better, or post about things I like, or both? I am really trying to make my blog easy to relate to and want to get more followers, do you guys have any suggestions how to do this, it seems like a really hard task to accomplish. I know my blog is relatively new (2-3 months old) but I am actually obsessed with it. Any comments you can offer to improve the overall quality of Candidly Cassie would be greatly appreciated and very helpful!

Yesterday was quite a day, some things I did:
  • gym where I worked my butt out to the brim (1 hour of cardio, hoo-rah!)
  • food shopping (got to stock up on some Granny Smith Apples and Honey Sunshine Kashi cereal)
  • Walmart run for some new leggings (hello OP $5)
  • massive amount of homework (projects/papers--ew!)
  • beach walk with my friend James to clear my head
  • BIG LITTLE--I am officially a grand big to the cutest grand little in the world--WELCOME TO THE FAMILY BECCA!
  • Bonvue: can you say beer pong playing until 3am once we left the bar? Oh the perks of being 21
Anyway, although I was feeling the effects of last night when I woke up, I decided to pretify myself this morning so I can promote the "look good, feel good" mantra I preach on this blog!
Here is what I am wearing:
  1. Black OP leggings from Walmart ($5 and do not fall down like my forever21 one's...these are my new obsession)
  2. Black long sleeve J. Crew tissue tee bought from the outlets a few summers ago
  3. Tall black BASS riding boots
  4. Forever21 turquoise beaded tunic
  5. GAP Waffle cardigan (not pictured) that I seem to wear every day of my life (I even wore it to the gym on Wednesday, what!!!)

So the reason why I call this post Hippie-Equestrian...I have all the elements of an equestrian look--black leggings aka standing in as my riding pants, black tall leather riding boots, and a fitted black long sleeve shirt. However, the beaded turquoise tunic gives the look a little hippie/boho flair which is why I combined the clever am I?

Okay lovely readers, I am off to do some work and plan out my weekend...I have a "P" party tonight where everyone must dress up as something that starts with the letter "P." Any suggestions on what I should be? Have a great weekend and look for some new posts! Again, please follow if you read: I will bake you cookies! XOXO

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  1. Your blog's very interesting to look at. I love the high contrast background, it really pops! And your posts all have a fun format. Placing the text around the images make them flow better. Also, using more than just black text is a big plus. I really cannot find anything wrong with your blog. It's fun and bright, and it seems you've already attracted followers! :)

    - Anna Salatto