Monday, November 1, 2010

Seeing Spots

It is freezing this morning!
I was starting to get comfortable with the whole flip flops and t-shirts in October kind of thing. But since it is now officially November I think that it makes sense that my toes are frozen solid in my GAP flats!
This weekend was so much fun and I am officially HALLOWEENED out! 4 nights of festivities is just way too much. I got about 5 hours of sleep a night since Thursday, but that's college for ya right?!?

Anyway, this morning when I got dressed all I wanted to do was be comfortable so this is what I wore:
I started off with my medium wash BASS jeans. Let me clarify, I own abut 4 pairs of jeans from BASS (I know I wear them all the time but it's because they are the perfect amount of stretch and stiffness, and YOU CAN NOT GET THAT EVERYWHERE!) I just washed this pair too so they are tight in all the right places, nothing beats freshly washed and dried jeans....NOTHING!
On top I decided to wear a black button down (3/4 length) blouse that I got on clearance at Marshalls.

Word to all my faithful readers: check the clearance racks at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx first because usually their discounted items are amazingly cheap and out of this world!

I decided to wear my blue GAP denim ruffle flats...again! I think I posted once about my random fixations on certain items and how I wear them until I basically can't anymore. Funnily enough this is turning into one of those types of things...again. This summer I lived in these flats, then got bored with them, threw them in the back of my closet (well actually meticulously placed because I have closet organization OCD) only to return to them...right now!

But remember my whole motto on a statement piece: let the other aspects of your outfit be basics? Well, I am trying the animal print trend. I am not a huge pattern/print type of gal. I can appreciate it on others and subtly mix it into my style, but it is not my thing. However, I really wanted to try a splash of leopard print in my life and did through the gray leopard print scarf.

Funny story about this scarf: I went with my friend to Walmart to get a Halloween costume for him and he decided on a camouflage t-shirt, plastic machete and black bandanna (a type of soldier in the wilderness type? who knows!) Although the drive to Walmart took forever (thank you 25mph speed limits everywhere in Rhode Island) it was necessary because he wanted to spend his $30 Walmart gift card...because most college students have Walmart gift cards. Anyway, for taking the trip he bought me this $5.00 scarf and to be quite honest it is so comfortable I think I want to go back and get more!

Lastly, I threw on my GAP long black waffle cardigan (here and almost every other post!) because it is so chilly out, and let me say this did not warm me up, I really need to look for a new winter coat...a long length, super comfortable, plush, piece of amazingness might I add!

Oh, and accessories: I decided to wear my favorite beaded ring that my aunt got for me (seen here).

I hope everyone has a great Monday!
Stay WARM!

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