Monday, November 8, 2010

Smiling in the Snow

Hey everyone,

I have so much on my mind today it is not even funny. First off, how is it snowing in November? I guess it has happened before but I don't even remember when, it just seems wrong for there to be snow before Thanksgiving. Due to the unanticipated snow fall I am unsure if I can go home to NY today. I planned on making the trip because I only have class Monday and Friday...and I really needed a hug from my mom...and I also wanted to see my grandma before she heads down to Florida for the winter.
Why else did I want to go home? I don't stress, potential career stress, boy stress, too much pressure to be amazing at everything stress?
Everything just seems overwhelming recently and I wanted to go home, have some R&R and get a manicure and pedicure at STAR nails for $15, not the inflated RI prices of $35 for a pedicure. A girl needs some pampering and beautifying, especially in the winter time.

Anyway, when I got up this morning I saw the snow and thought to myself "Great...I have no Uggs, no Jacket, no gloves, no hat!" So I decided to throw on my Hunter Rain Boots and figure the rest out from there. I decided on my Forever21 Jeggings (which I have been living in). They are warmer than leggings but structured like jeans, so they suck everything right in. I wish I invested in more of these and if anyone knows where to buy them, let me know! What else am I wearing? My gray long sleeve Kenzie tunic, with my Black Bass cardigan on top. I am also wearing my red Express sequin and ribbon scarf that I got at Marshalls a few weeks ago, remember?
Ah, that is a big part of going home. Marshalls trips with my mom and grandma, nothing like it!

Accessories: Swiss Military two-tone (silver & gold) watch, and 2 bracelets: a heart shaped one from my Aunt, and my Mother's old hooking bangle (LOVE!) Lastly, a faux pearl barrette in my hair.

I hope I end up going home today after my 1pm class. I really need to go home, I really want to go home, so I must, right?

PS: D, if your reading this (I know you are, your my most faithful reader), stay strong at school and get through these last few weeks before Thanksgiving break! This is meant to encourage you. And...I will buy you something with mom and grandma and send it to you so get ready for a package sees-tah!!

Oh, while I was typing this post I just found out I was offered an internship at a big Marketing firm in Providence for next semester! I will update soon when I know more information...I guess today is turning around!

"When Life Gives You Snowflakes, Dance in Them!"

*Sorry for the horrible picture quality!*

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