Friday, October 29, 2010


Okay, so let me start this post off by saying that last night was absolutely insane!

I had my interview in the morning and it went well. As I headed from beautiful and sunny Providence into foggy and rainy Narragansett, I realized that I didn't have a Halloween costume yet. Now most people (aka non-college students) are thinking to themselves, "Halloween isn't Thursday, why do you need a costume now?" Well dear readers, let me answer that question for you. Thursday night is basically Halloween, actually any night the week before Halloween is Halloween, catch on yet? I need multiple costumes. Last night I was a cop and basically scrambled to get a costume together, eventually borrowing it from my friend K at around 8:00pm. I think tonight me and my friend R are going to be nerds? Everything changes though, just like my daily outfits my Halloween costumes are just as dynamic and susceptible to changing at the last minute.
Funny story:
Last night at the bar the cop asked me if he could borrow my handcuffs. Mind you, they are plastic and in my "altered state" I found this comment to be hilarious. I usually try to avoid cops, but last night we were laughing with them, using my plastic walkie talkie, yelling "10-4 and copy ranger." I LOVE COLLEGE!

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning I was a mess! For the past week or so my first class has been canceled so I could take my sweet time in the morning, but this morning it's back on so that means I had to get it together...and quickly! So I did what any normal fashion blogger would do...basics and a statement piece...easy & breezy!
I am wearing my medium wash BASS jeans, with a black tissue long t-shirt from J. Crew. I think I have spoken about how awesome the Crew tissue t's are. They are super comfortable and if you go to the outlets to buy them (instead of full retail price in the store) you can get them from next to nothing. I basically live in the 4 or 5 that I have. I am wearing my denim GAP ruffle ballet flats (that I previously spoke of throwing out! The time is not now! I made an executive decision) complete with band aids all over my foot because my heels last night (Thanks Syd for letting me borrow them!) were too small and too high and I wore them for way too long and walked way to far!
Statement piece = Kenzie black knit and faux fur vest purchased at Marshalls for $25.00!
Okay, so I know many people are not into the faux and I wasn't up until recently. I remember making fun of my sister D who loved her when she got one last year. I thought it was beyond ugly, and just nasty! I have obviously changed my ways and love mine! I think it's definitely a hate it or love it type of piece but it's so warm and comfortable I don't care!

So that's my post for the morning. I hope everyone had a great 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th night of Halloween? I'm not sure what number we are on...last night was #1 for me. On to #2 tonight and more to follow. Ah! That's a lot of costumes I need to get/make/create! Good thing I love making outfits, this is going to be fun. I am thinking nerd tonight, basketball player, pirate? Who knows but I am going to have an awesome time!


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