Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Dream in Jean-y

Good Morning! How is every one's day going so far? Mine is great: the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my mind keeps drifting back to the Kid Cudi concert I went to last night! It was a great concert, and I must admit although I am not the biggest Cudi fan, he is a great performer with amazing stage presence. I went with my roommates and one of my roommates friends from home (and a ton of her school friends!) In total there were about 25 of us and that always makes for a great time. Sadly, I do not have an outfit post from the concert last night because we weren't allowed to bring cameras in, why I do not know! I definitely wouldn't have gotten a close up of the Kid because I was way up in the nosebleeds but still I wish I had some photos to remember the night. I guess I will just focus on my outfit today and what I am wearing.

I wanted to wear jeans today, but I was in more of a comfy leggings type of mood so I wore my favorite stretchy pair from Forever21, you know the one that aren't see through, GOTTA LOVE THOSE! On top I wore my relatively new Jean long sleeve button down from Bass Outfitters, which is a cool mix between J. Crew and L.L. Bean. It is a really relaxed, and laid back brand that has special statement pieces every season, this season it is all about embellished sweaters and JEAN SHIRTS! I also decided to wear my GAP jean ballet flats with ruffle detailing, which are cute and girly but still sophisticated and classy. While I usually don't wear oversize shirts and leggings without a cinched waist, it just felt right to let the shirt flow today. When I left the house I also decided to put on an over sized black waffle sweater from the GAP (not pictured) with a gold headband (flea-market find & also not pictured). Sorry for the picture mishap, I caught my roomie E earlier in the morning, begged her to take my picture and didn't think to add the last bits of the outfit until I ran out of the house.

My hair is straightened today! I decided to give it a little something extra, but the makeup is natural and basically the same as always. I keep experimenting with new eyeliners and need to find something that glides on smooth (brown color only), but been having trouble finding something. I have tried Pixi, ELF, Revlon, Bonnebelle, and nothing seems to be working out for me, any suggestions? I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. sweet pun cassie, hahaha. sorry the pics are so bright. the sun is outta control man.