Friday, October 15, 2010

Stylin' in My Dreams...Oh So Sleepy

Hey everyone! So this week has been really strange. Thanks to Mr. Columbus aka the discoverer of the New World, we didn't have classes on Monday. I am very happy about this, however it messed my whole week up. My sleep schedule was nonexistent and last night I decided to make up for lost time. The rain soothed me to sleep and I slept until 11:30am today! This have never happened in the history of my life! Good thing my first 2 classes were canceled! Anyway, I had to skip a shower (I know gross, don't judge, it happens!) and slipped into a comfortable outfit for my ONE class.

I decided to wear a super comfy gray short sleeve t-shirt from the GAP with a chest pocket detail. Over that t-shirt I wore a heather gray long cashmere cardigan with jeweled buttons that I got from the J. Crew outlets two summers ago. Me and my sister love that outlet, we stock up on sweaters and t-shirts every summer when the biggest sales take place. If you guys have TANGER or WRENTHAM outlets near you I highly advise you to go and partake in the amazing sales. I wore my favorite BASS jeans that I wear in so many posts on this lovely blog. I also wore a flannel scarf that I got at Target a few winters ago (which is a little too short for my liking). I really want to start buying fabric at craft stores and sewing my own scarves--that way I can choose the fabric and length of my own designer original scarf. Lastly, I wore my hunter green flats that I bought at Target last year. They are really comfortable and very broken in. I basically lived in them during my internship this summer, in fact, they need to replaced soon because the soles are absolutely nonexistent!

Sorry for the shortness of this post, I am literally exhausted...STILL! You would think I wouldn't be since I slept so long. Don't fret readers I will definitely be posting an outfit or two (oh my!) this weekend so look for some new posts. Thanks for reading, I love you all more than you can ever know. Anyway, I am off to get ready for my sorority social tonight! Have a great evening everyone.


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