Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tomorrow is...

Tomorrow, Oct. 20 is....National Love Your Body Day!

I just found out about this via The Average Girl's Guide, a great blog I follow. I totally agree with this day and am pretty excited about it. We need to forget all the negative thoughts that run through our minds.

Tomorrow when I pick out a fabulous outfit I am going to think, "I LOVE MY BODY AND I AM GOING TO WORK THIS OUTFIT!" I suggest all you ladies do the same. Don't worry about someone looking thinner, prettier, more voluptuous or bootylicious--be yourself, love yourself, and celebrate the strong woman that you are!

On the LOVE YOUR BODY DAY website there is a list of things you can do to make you love your body a little more than you usually do...I think we all need a little bit of their "10 commandments" in our lives!

PS: Can't wait to post tomorrow about how I love my body! Please comment and let me know how you love your body!

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