Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashion Blogger Hits the Mall

So yesterday I hit the Providence Place mall with my roommate S. We decided that we needed some retail therapy since boys make us crazy. Girl time at the mall is definitely the best medicine for confused and breaking hearts. I wanted to go to Forever21 and Nordstroms so that is exactly what I did. While I fawned over all the expensive and beautiful items in Nordstroms, I reminded myself that I do not have unlimited funds and if I do buy the $200 Steve Madden combat boots, I will not be eating for the remainder of the month. While I did realize that Halloween is approaching and it is likely I can subsist on candy, my inner health guru reminded me that I need carrots, apples, and veggie burgers, and the boots will have to wait until I am rich and fabulous! I bought earrings and a bracelet at the BP for Nordstroms section (young adult clothes that are so much cheaper than the contemporary line but still cute!)

For my mall adventure I wore my black stretchy Forever21 leggings that I always post about as a base. On top of that I wore a long sleeve gray Kenzie t-shirt that I got at Marshalls for $10 (great purchase). I wore a Charlotte Russe denim vest on top of that (borrowed from my dear friend S, thanks again!) and brown Minnetonka moccasins. The outfit was very comfortable which is great when shopping at a mall because you are constantly trying clothes on (well at least me and S always play dress up!)

I love the mall, there is something about it: the shiny glass windows calling my name, sale signs, tons of beautiful colors and draped fabrics, I don't know but it is love. I just hate spending money which I why I came up with a rule for myself. Everything that I buy I must think of ways I will use it. If I can not come up with 3 different ways then I CAN NOT, I repeat CAN NOT buy the item!

The day was really fun and much needed. I spent a lovely evening with my friends as well and now I am hanging out, lazy Sunday style. Although, today me and my roommate E went apple picking with our sorority sisters! It was really fun, we got some great Suncrisp apples (if you do not know what they are, get them and eat them immediately!) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Enjoy the rest of the day!

PS: Does anyone freak out about not exercising every day? I know this is a fashion blog but I figured I'd ask. You know strong fashion sense, strong body, strong mind? It's my mentality on life. Let me know!

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