Friday, October 1, 2010

Weather Woes

Hey guys! So when I woke up today I checked the weather and I read that it was supposed to rain hard all day, but all I saw was SUNSHINE! But, I did what any normal experienced URI student would do...I dressed for the rain. However, after much consideration, I took off my flannel top and black jeans (way too fall, it's summer weather today people!) and put on something a little more relaxed and beachy. Even though it's the first day of October, and I have already eaten some pumpkin pie (what says fall better?) I felt comfortable breaking out the jean shorts one last time, shall we call it a last hurrah?

Anyway, this is what I am wearing today. Also, sorry in advance for the horrible iphotobooth pictures I had to take on my Macbook. I already asked my roomies to snap some shots of the other outfit so I feel bad running back asking for some more. You can see the goofy side of me in these pictures anyway, which is something I love showing so please enjoy!

I am wearing a faded blue and white lace tank top from Forever21. I believe it cost around $6.00 which is a great steal. Originally I thought I would just bum around in it but I have worn it under blazers, with jeans, skirts...and also the standard PJ's but still, very functional. I paired the tank with some American Eagle jean shorts that I have had forever. I really think jean shorts are such an investment, I basically live in mine all summer and it seems the more weathered and vintage-y they feel the better they look! I looped my favorite brown Hollister studded belt around my waist (I posted about it here) and I wear it all the time. Seriously invest in a sturdy brown leather belt ladies! I decided to "rock" my Sperry boat shoes today, considering it goes well with my summertime feel.

For accessories, it's the standard bracelet combination that I usually wear with my grandfather's ring (as a necklace)! I really do love wearing something of his around my neck, it makes me feel really close to him still.Basic makeup and hair (semi straitened), you know the drill, I am a natural-type of girl!

I love when I see this kind of weather in October, but I am kind of looking forward to the actual AUTUMN months! I can't wait to smell pumpkin spice candles, wear sweaters, tights and boots, and see the foliage of leaves and see all the beautiful colors that the fall brings! Oh, and is it weird I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year? The food is obviously amazing, but, I really have so much to be thankful for! What are you guys excited for this fall?

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  1. Cuute outfit! I'm rocking the leggings today in honor of OCTOBER! :)