Thursday, October 28, 2010

Power Blazer

Hi! Hi! Hi-yah!
(catch my Heavy Weights movie plug?)
Big news!

So usually I don't blog on Tuesday and Thursdays because it is my day off from classes. But, today I had an interview for a possible internship next semester. I had to dress the part and nothing says, "hire me!" like a chic blazer, so obviously I wore one and I loved my outfit so much I decided I had to post about it!

I decided to wear my black "nameless" dress that I got on TJ Maxx Clearance when I was home this summer. It is a really great basic and has a cinched waist so I can wear it with a belt or without one and my waist will always look tiny! Isn't that amazing? I feel like for me (and most girls that I talk to) anything that will make your waist smaller is a definitely spend-worthy purchase. So, if you don't own a black cinched waist dress, get on it! I wore black stockings that I purchased at Target and let me tell you I think they added a lot to the outfit. I remember about 2 years ago I hated stockings/tights with a passion. I don't even think I remembered wearing them since I was about 5, and let me tell you they were hot pink and polka-dotted nonsense! Anyway, I am back into tights, I love how they can just add instant class to an outfit. I really want to try them under shorts in winter, but I wonder if I am that daring. This blog has given me a ton of confidence so I really think I am going to try it soon! Back to the outfit...I wore my Forever21 black and gray blazer that I wore here. I love this blazer and it was the inspiration for my whole outfit.
Correction: Anne Hathaway's blazer in the movie was my inspiration but this is what I had so I decided to "work it!"
I love how blazers scream "POWER!!!!" and they really do add a sense of polish and sophistication. I guess it is just very academic looking and very Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger-ish (by the way don't you love the new TOMMY add campaign?!?! It is so rustic, comfy, traveling-prepster and I love it!)
Lastly, I wore my black short Payless booties (with a heel) that I seem to wear all the time. They need to be replaced soon because I wore out the sole pretty bad. I think it's hilarious that I bought them for a social (for a sorority event last year, and always reached for them first when I get dressed now-a-days). It was definitely a cheap thrill turned great investment.

Do you guys have any items like that?
You buy it as a joke and then basically end up living in it?

Anyway, I am off to get ready for my first event of Halloween weekend. I don't have a costume yet per se but I have a lot of creative juices flowing and a play list of Britney Spears to inspire me...yeah I am going there right now!
Have a great day!

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