Monday, October 25, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear

I got a case of the Mondays....kinda.

I feel like a giant nerd for saying this but I do really like the classes I am taking this semester. Since I am a senior and finishing up I basically get to take free electives and writing classes for my minor which is awesome because I get to blog and be creative! However sometimes I do get a case of the Mondays, you know the I-want-to-be-lazy-all-day-and-watch-Clueless type days. For some reason this blog keeps me going and supercharged because I love thinking up outfits and writing on them. I also love how I am getting a response from some of my followers, telling me that they really enjoy what I am writing about: that means so much to me! So thank you readers, I love you all (even though most of you are my sisters!)

Any who, today's outfit was pretty much a mish-mosh of inspiration. I have been reading a ton of magazines lately (procrastination from homework much?!?) and I have constantly seen fur, fur, fur! I am the kind of girl who loves the way fur looks but I am a little hesitant to own any. I guess I think the red-paint-PETA-protesters will bang on my door, douse me with paint and kick me in the I dramatic? So while I doubt I would buy any real fur, I am loving faux fur, especially the Michael Kors vest I saw at Marshalls last week (dare I buy it?) My outfit today is a dedication to the furry, fuzzy, comfort that fur LOOKS like it provides, this is my take on it!

I am wearing my BASS medium wash jeans (go figure, you must think I shower in them I wear them so much) with a black target tank. These are great base pieces. While I was walking up a ginormous hill from the commuter lot to the memorial union today, I was thinking about the sex appeal of jeans. Blue jeans are just so causal, sexy, and natural and I am a firm believer that with a solid white or black t-shirt or tank anyone can look like "DIME PIECE." Moving on from my random thoughts in the early hours of the day...I am wearing my Adrienne Vittadini black short sleeve button down shirt purchased at TJ Maxx. She is such a great designer and creates some amazing lux pieces that are edgy yet polished, check out her website. I am also wearing my Minnetonka moccasins that I seem to be living in recently. I was such a huge Sperry-boat shoes freak last year. I apparently get really attached to shoes, wear them non-stop and then trade in for a new fix. Lastly, I am wearing my fuzzy, wuzzy, long sweater that is seriously the most comfortable sweater/jacket I have ever put on in my life. Me and my friend S both got one at Marshalls this past weekend (more shopping therapy because of crazy boys!) and I must urge everyone to go purchase this Marisa Christina jacket. They are available in tons of colors and patterns so I guarantee you will find something you love!

I really want to continue blogging and gain a following, can you lovely readers help? I feel like this blog can open tons of doors for me in the fashion and media industries. I want nothing more than to inspire people, and push myself to grow stylistically, in a fashion sense as well as a writing-sense. This blog seems to be my calling card. I never really knew what I wanted to do before this, but I am confident is saying I would love to pursue a job in the interactive world of fashion!

Have a great Monday & let me know what you are wearing!

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  1. Did you know that the movie Clueless is based on the novel Emma by Jane Austen? I just found that out in my British Lit class and am soooooooooo excited! Love love love that movie! And love love love you!