Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some Thing-A-Ling's

A few things..

  1. I am on the brink of figuring out who the heck I am...I've been told "discovering" myself comes with time, experience and travel. My Euro-trip has been postponed due to my new job and my attempt at pinching pennies so I can move into the city soon-ish.
  2. As much as I want to move in to NYC I must admit, I'm TERRIFIED! I love being home and the comfort of it all. My parents are amazing and always there for me, the fridge is always stocked and I can lounge around without a care in the world...did I mention it's FREE!
  3. I am scared that as a post-grad I will never find a group of friends to replace the amazing people I left after graduation. I had such a tight-knit group up in RI. Now that my friends and I aren't in the same state anymore I can't help but feel terrified and lonely. 
  4. I bought a new bracelet today, I painted my nails in Essie's Wicked, Princess Diaries is on ABC Family and I am having some delicious vanilla/chocolate/peanut butter fro-yo with cinnamon puffins for dessert...okay, my life is pretty darn good (ending on a happy note).


  1. Oh girl can I relate. I'm both excited and terrified of moving next week. I want to be out on my own so badly, and at the same time, I know it's going to be super lonely without my parents around. I'll be living by myself, and I lost a lot of my friends to different cities as well, so I don't know how I'm going to keep myself from going crazy with loneliness. Maybe I need a cat or something lol.

  2. Cute bracelet and nail color. Fo-yo sounds amazing right now!



  3. Your last point sounds perfect :) Wish I could do the same. Once my studying is over I'm definitely in for some relaxation

  4. Love your bracelet and the nail polish shade is gorgeous.


  5. Making friends after school IS hard, but it certainly doesn't mean you lose the old ones! And I miss the free-ness and ease of living at home, but being an independent adult in a big city is pretty darn fun as well.