Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where Is My Horse?

Hey lovely followers (and hopefully soon to be followers!)

This morning when I woke up I was in a great mood. You know that feeling? Kind of like when you have a new crush, and you have butterflies in your stomach (the good kind) and you can't keep smiling, and every song that comes on your itunes seems to be the perfect mix of tempo, rhyme, and rhythm? It was the kind of morning where "Drops of Jupiter" by Train and "Mine" by Taylor Swift were on repeat and dancing around my bedroom seemed to be oh so natural. For some reason while I was laying in my bed thinking about today's post (TODAY IS LOVE YOUR BODY DAY) I glanced out the window and saw the most beautiful pile of colorful leaves on my lawn. It seems to be a little early for leaves on the ground, but I love the changing seasons and I am embracing autumn. Anyway, I thought back to when I was younger, horseback riding in my cute riding jodhpurs, boots and velvet helmet. I was inspired by the equestrian look today, and it's about time, since I literally have been cutting out every RALPH LAUREN AD I have seen recently. They are just so classic, sophisticated and preppy--is it sad that I envision myself in one every time I get dressed? Oh well, we all have our little quirks.

Today I am wearing my black Forever21 leggings as a base. They fit perfectly into the boots I am wearing. Don't you hate when your jeans are too bulky to tuck into boots? That is a major pet peeve of mine. Anyway, I decided to wear a half button blue long sleeve blouse that I got at Marshalls and seen in this post. On top of the blouse I am wearing my Bass cream colored cardigan (sans buttons), which just seems flow-y, but it has structured shoulders which stands in for my nonexistent riding jacket. Disclaimer: I fully plan on buying a Ralph Lauren or Yves Saint Laurent blazer once I am rich and rolling in the MON-AY! Lastly, I am wearing my brown boots that I got in a boutique in New York City last winter break. The great thing about these boots is that they zip from the bottom to the top of the boot which makes tucking in pants so much easier, like I said earlier I hate when jeans/pants don't tuck properly in boots. It looks messy, feels uncomfortable, and is just plain miserable. I know my boots are brown and I am wearing black leggings, but for some reason I really love the contrast. One of the bloggers I follow, at The Classic Case, posted about combining black leggings/tights and brown boots yesterday. I guess that was in my mind because I love the contrast too. Follow her blog because she has a great writing style and sense of style--what a combination, right?

Okay, well I am going to attempt to do some of my homework. I have a big weekend ahead of me (even though it's only hump day) I am going to think ahead. It's homecoming weekend so we have a big football game complete with tailgating and an alumni BBQ for my sorority sisters that graduated! I can't wait to see everyone. Oh and also a "Cowboys and Indians" social this Friday! I am fully prepared to channel my inner Pocahontas, I am so excited! I will post more about my "Indian" outfit on Friday, I hope it will be done by then. I hope everyone has a great day, embrace the fall, it's beautiful out!

PS: Everyone remember to "love your body" because you are beautiful and confident, strong and determined and you can do whatever you set your mind to. This is what I keep telling myself and I firmly believe in the motto "look good, feel good!" So do something for yourself today that makes you feel great. I picked out a killer outfit to make me feel good (dress wise). I am going to go to the gym after class today and work on my body. As for spirit, I am going to keep the happy mood flowing, the endorphins will help later when I start dragging around 3pm. But seriously, do something to make you love yourself today.
If you love yourself you will learn how to love your body too. It's a work in progress but it is so worth it!

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