Saturday, December 4, 2010

Inspired: Francoise Hardy

Ah this blog post feels so good...I have been working on my final writing portfolios all day and I need a little break...this blog post...before I take my break later and attend an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party! (Pictures soon to follow). Since I don't have any ugly sweaters (hello I am a fashion blogger with amazing clothes!--do you pick up on my sarcasm?! HAHA!) my friend Rachael is letting me borrow her mom's "ugly" pink Christmas sweater.
I think with some cute heels and a black high-waist-ed pencil skirt the whole look will be cute.
Anyway, a little inspiration for you...and me since I need the distraction, I present:
*Francoise Hardy*
She is the iconic French singer and actress...oh and astrologer.
Side note: I love astrology and am obsessed with being a
Virgo. That is actually my disclaimer when I talk..."it's because I am a Virgo."
Back to Francoise--I love her style. She was a huge icon in the 60's but I can't help but appreciate and admire her clothes with clean lines, and total sophistication.
Maybe it's the fact that she is French...French women just always look amazing, I don't know what it is, but I am definitely going to Paris to attempt to steal some Parisian style.
Oh, and can her hair be more choppy, la
yered, and perfect? I think not!
Have a lovely weekend!
I am going to continue to write, and write, and write, listen
to some Rihanna jams (hello random!)...and maybe (okay, definitely) have a cocktail or two.

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