Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Picture Says 1,000 Words

If a picture could say 1,000 words for me this would be it. I recently found Dallas Shaw's blog Dilly Dallas and really can not get enough of her style. She has the coolest job in the world, influencing the design process for many major companies. Not only that, she 100% dresses the way I wish I could/was brave enough to. I am obsessed with the laid back yet pulled together look she is emulating. The plaid shirt is definitely a casual piece, but mixed with the skirt, and tights the whole outfit is taken to a much more trendy level. Also, the belt defines her waist and really is a nice break from the dark colors that encompass the lower body portion of her outfit. The boots...amazing! I Just love this whole outfit, and if a picture could sum up my personal style and how I want to come off to the world...this is it!
Side note: she looks so carefree and happy, not a stress-mess-head-case that I seem to be lately.
What do y'all think?


  1. I love Dallas's blog and her style is so great! This look and the other look with the skirt and denim skirt too!

  2. Saw this blog and thought I'd pass it along(: http://luvajblog.com/

  3. Thanks girl. The pictures are awesome!