Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Would-Be New Years Eve

I have always dreamed of a glamorous, sparkly, champagne-filled, midnight kiss, type of New Years. Since I turned 21 this past year, I thought to myself...this is the year I will have the New Years I have always dreamed of.
Then reality sets in, in the form of a massive blizzard to the East Coast. My scheduled Tuesday (as in yesterday) flight to New York was delayed and now I am in Florida until Friday. It really isn't that bad, the weather is great and I love spending time with my family (even though too much togetherness happens occasionally, right D?), but I had plans for New Years Eve.
With my school friends and home friends scattered around, I was contemplating going to NYC, Rhode Island, Vermont, and even Albany. But since I am coming back to NY on New Years Eve, I doubt I will be having the sparkly NYE that I dreamed of...however, a girl can STILL dream of her perfect dress right?


  1. I've always wanted a new year's eve like that too! Someday. So sorry about your flight delay- that must be so frustrating!

  2. Haha me too! And thanks, it's not so bad though. Blizzard vs. sunshine! Saw your blog post, hope SF was amazing!