Sunday, December 19, 2010

Itching for a Wedge...Boot

Hi! Sorry I have been gone for so long.
Finals are over and now I can devote a lot more time to blogging (well at least for another month or so.)
It's early and obviously I am up (not dressed yet!) and searching the web for my newest craving and I know what it is...tall wedge boots in black.
I found a contender and for $79.99 I may just do it.
They are by the brand MIA. The boots are called Geva Knee High Wedges and are available in mushroom (brownish-olive) or black, personally I love the black ones!
There is something really romantic and cute about the ruffle detailing. It is different than most boots you see because of this detail yet it is not overpowering or tacky...surprising because I am not a huge-over-the-top-ruffle kind of gal!
They can be found here.

Which color would you pick out?
Be back with an outfit post later!
Right now I am going to dig into my yummy yogurt parfait and read the January issue of InStyle!

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