Friday, December 31, 2010

Stuck at the Airport

My 1pm flight has been deplaned so now I am waiting for my 5pm flight to New York. All hopes of my glamorous New Years Eve are IN THE TOILET! However, at least I will be with my family. What can I do while sitting at the airport waiting to of course!
I have seen some interesting fashion choices at the airport; from the woman limping towards her flight-gate wearing 5 inch nude Christian Louboutin's to the t-shirt and pajama-pant clad acne-face 15-year-old-boy (I know, not so nice of me to say, but I had acne and I am just exhausted, not a big fan of long commutes).
Anyway, I was thinking a lot about airline style. I keep getting visuals of old-school stewardess style. My mother's good friend Melodie used to tell me stories about her days as an airline flight attendant; there were weight requirements and beauty-ritual requirements. The right look had to be achieved, how crazy is that? Emilio Pucci even designed outfits for stewardesses on Brandiff Air in the 1960's...I would love to rock a uniform by Emilio Pucci.
Remember that Gwyneth Paltrow movie, View From The Top? That's the first thing I think of when envisioning airline fashion and style. That and Soul Plane, but that's a different story (we won't even go there).
How cute is this look?
South West Airlines in the 70's
Their motto used to be: "sex sells seats!"

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