Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Don't hate me...please don't hate me!
I wish I could blog nonstop but finals are annoying (so much to do, so many to-do lists...okay, secretly i love that part of this week...I'm a Virgo, I like lists!).
I have lived in comfy clothes (but tonight I am going to dress up because I am going for a fun finals-break dinner with my roomie Sydney! So prepare for some cute outfit post either tonight or tomorrow!
Right now I want to talk a little about Vintage clothing/accessories.

I love vintage, but I never used to. The thought of wearing someone elses old stuff made me want to gag. I am unsure if it's my recent love of "going green" or appreciating how things were made in the past, but I just love digging through the racks at vintage/thrift stores and seeing what I can find!
I recently took a trip to a thrift store in Greenwich, RI and purchased two blasts from the past.
One is a Christma-kuh present for my sister, and you would think I wouldn't post about it because it would ruin a surprise...well no surprise. When I found it I feel in love with it (for her!) and told her almost immediately. It is a vintage gold sequin bag with a long gold chain.
It's very Kate Spade Holiday Season Ad Campaign mixed with some Old Hollywood glamor.
Here a picture: but Dani you can't have it until Saturday...haha!
And for me, I got a pair of beautifully delicate gold/diamond accent earrings (okay, okay, it's costume jewelery but I still love it)
Anyway, I love thrifting and I suggest going sometime.
I can't wait to go to NYC and go to my favorite vintage store Buffalo Exchange! They have such great designer finds at ridiculously low prices (um...Theory blazer for $5, Coach distressed leather and fringe purse $35, Tory Burch tunic $25)
Has anyone thrifted before?
Tell me where and what you got!

Oh and check out my inspiring pictures of the day--cozy, chic wilderness fantasy?--I think so! Wish I could let you know where it's from but I found it on a random blog with no source/link. If I find out I will post immediately!

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