Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Unfashionably Me

So my lack of outfit posts lately makes me sad, I guess it's been a mix of three things:
  1. Stress: I know I am a notorious list maker but it seems like I have 1 million + things to do and it's only getting longer. It's as if I woke up two mornings ago and finally realized that I am getting older...I was so consumed with being a "kid in college" I didn't notice the world spinning around me...I guess you can say it's finally catching up to me, and very quickly I may add.
  2. Intimidated: I don't know if I have posted about this before, but in short my sister has amazing style, literally she can put anything on and make it look effortlessly cool. Although I try to wear some of the things she does, ultimately we have different tastes...but I can't help but be intimidated by her outfits. I guess in a weird way I am trying to find something so unbelievably cool that she says, "Wow Cass, I love that!"
  3. First week HOME: Basically ='s bumming it hardcore. I did find out that I need to head to my internship early for StyleWeek in Providence so I guess I won't be bumming it for long.
Today I just wore the leggings, sweater, UGG boots combo (typical Long Islander outfit I'm afraid) and got a manicure/pedicure with my sister...Essie color Luxedo which is a dark purple. I love it and it made me feel good that some girl asked me what color it was and then swapped her polish choice for mine.
I also got these Kate Spade earrings from my Dad/Mom/Sister as a little pick-me-up and token of good behavior? Hmm, either way it was a really nice gesture and I absolutely love them. Kate Spade emulates a classic and all-American style that I love, very girl next door, which is how I see myself.

Anyway, I have a ton on my mind tonight so I am going to continue to think (way, way, way too much) and then sleep because I am going to Florida in the morning to visit my Grandma! It's going to be very different this year since my Grandfather will not be there--but I know he will be looking over us watching us.
How do you guys deal with stress, loss, lack of inspiration?
Maybe I will consult D and get some outfit posts tomorrow!?!
Have a great Holiday, hopefully I will be able to blog from Florida!

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