Monday, December 20, 2010

Freezing in a Fedora

Hello Beauties!
(Gotta keep everyone going strong with positive affirmations!)
Today was another great day filled with the gym, shopping, and some delicious food (okay, the same things I always eat but delicious nonetheless).

I went with my mom and sister to Forever21 tonight and they had some great stuff. Don't you love that store? It's perfect for trying out trendy pieces without spending a ton of money on something that may be a one-wear-deal.
I snagged some black skinny leg jeans (which seem to tuck well into boots...let's pray for no saggy knees), as well as a pair of black twill harem trousers. Oh, and let's not forget the major purchase of the night, a FEDORA!

I have always wanted a fedora, but they always reminded me of Britney Spears tabloid photos, you know the ones with her rockin' cutoff jean shorts, high socks, Ugg boots, a distressed Ed Hardy t-shirt, huge aviator sunglasses and a FEDORA...and don't forget the Starbucks cup.
Don't get me wrong, I love Britney, but due to this mental image I couldn't buy a fedora no matter how many I tried on and/or fell "in love" with. I use the words "in love" loosely, how many times have you gone shopping and exclaimed "Oh-my-gosh, I LOVE THAT!"?

Back on topic; so I tried a fedora on at Forever21 and fell in love with it!
It is called the "Chic Knit Fedora" and it is chic and lovely. Now you are probably thinking, "Cassie, why are you buying a fedora in December?"
Well my dear readers, I can answer this question in two ways:
  1. It looked good and like I said, I have never found a good-looking fedora...on me at least.
  2. I am going on vacation to visit my grandmother on Wednesday, nothing says sunny days in Florida better than a fedora!
  3. last thing, I found out I am going on a cruise for Spring Break with a bunch of my sorority sisters, and I will definitely need a fedora when cruising through the Bahamas!
What do you guys think? Do you like it?
I hope everyone had a great day, mine got better as the day went on. Tomorrow is going to be filled with packing for Florida, but I will definitely make time to blog!

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