Monday, September 27, 2010

My Grandfather's Legacy

I know this is a fashion blog (so I promise to get to the fashion soon) but my family went through a really difficult time this past weekend and I think it will help me to write about it. My grandfather passed away on Friday, and I went to his funeral this past Sunday. While the whole event was overwhelming and sad, I heard something at his service that is relevant to all of our lives, every person leaves behind a legacy; big or small every individual leaves something behind to be remembered by those who loved them.

In my case it is my grandfather's wedding ring. After the service my grandmother gave me his ring and placed it on a gold chain, something that I never expected or thought I deserved to ever have. A wedding ring is a huge sign of commitment and love, and although she has many other mementos of my grandfather, it was very special that I was given it out of the four of his grandchildren. The gold ring hangs on a dainty but sturdy long gold chain and I will never lose sight of it's significance or importance to me and my family. It is a constant reminder of the legacy that my grandfather bestowed upon me.

Sorry about the minor tear-jerk, but this post revolves around the ring (now a necklace) so it deserved a honorable mention. As for the rest of my outfit today...When I woke up I saw the rainy, murky Rhode Island weather that I always pray NOT TO HAVE! I just can't stand the rain on campus, it floods everything and the one lane on 108 is constant traffic 24/7. So far, we are not at the extreme of the floods of last Spring semester, so let's keep our fingers crossed. I wanted to dress comfortably and casually, especially since the chance of more rain is high.

Although I own very nice Hunter rain boots (we are in Rhode Island and you would be a fool not to have a pair), I don't like how I feel walking in rubber boots; I feel stiff, sticky, and tense in my legs and I hate that feeling so I chose to wear my weathered and most trusted pair of shoes, my SPERRY TOP-SIDERS. They are boat shoes and literally are so comfortable they feel like you dipped your feet into butter. I have gone through about 3 pairs and will be a Sperry devotee forever, I highly recommend them, they are perfect for walking in the rain or shine and they always look "vintagey" and effortlessly cool. As for clothing, I wore a faded glory 3/4 sleeve flannel shirt. It is a half button down (I posed a half button down earlier in the week, I can't get enough of them) in a faded tanish-camel color. I love this color because it is such a great neutral you can pair it with anything AND I DO!

Word to the wise: Only buy clothing that you can think of getting multiple uses out of in colors that you constantly wear. Statement pieces are fun sometimes but I always go back to my trusted classics, they make me feel comfortable and protected.

As for the rest of the outfit, I paired my sperry's and top with my favorite pair of BASS strait leg jeans in a medium wash. I love jeans and can completely sympathize with people saying they have a hard time finding the perfect pair. I have tried them all and have recently discovered BASS which is a part of a company that also owns IZOD, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein (all stores which have great pieces that withstand the changing fashion industry- classically cool!)

Lastly, I topped my outfit off with the necklace that my grandmother gave me which holds my Grandfather's ring. This is really special and does seem to top off my outfit in the most perfect way possible. Anytime I wear it I will think of how lucky I am to have had him in my life for 21 years! He was a great and stylish man and he will always be missed and greatly loved by my family.
This post is dedicated in his honor.

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