Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Am I Inspired?

In my first post I explained a little bit about who I am and why I am creating this fabulous fashion blog...however, I didn't really explain why I am so inspired by fashion. Fashion is the ultimate form of self expression; where else would bow-ties, rainbow suspenders, combat boots and feathered earrings seem cohesive? I am not saying everyone can pull off that look, but anyone can try it and I love that freedom. The freedom to look however you want, and try anything you want. Fashion is better than a tattoo or piercings (although I love both) because it can be here today, gone tomorrow. If something works, GREAT! But, if you decide that trendy sequined hot pink forever 21 skirt looks much better on the model in the catalog than you at a fraternity party, you can totally burn the skirt and forget you even bought it. There may be some Facebook pictures tagged of you in that heinous get-up but, un-tag the picture, un-tag the memory and burn the skirt- easy fix!

But the reason for this post...WHY AM I INSPIRED? I am inspired by the great women in my family who each have their own flair and aesthetic. Each woman is different and unique, has different hobbies, different eye colors and different hair styles but each influenced me in a really amazing way. I have two aunts, let's call them the ARTSY AUNTIES. One is an artist and one is a craftswoman. While Auntie Artist paints amazing murals, pet portraits, and adorns herself with insanely beautiful original turquoise jewelry, Auntie Crafts creates amazing beaded bracelets and necklaces, and can make anything out of yarn and fabrics. Besides these two women my grandmother has the most amazing sense of interior design. She knows how to mix colors and prints, integrating amazing patterned fabrics, with bold and cool solids, she truly is an amazing designer. My mother is also a style maven in her own right (although she wouldn't tell you so), but she is willing to try anything once. I remember she wore a magenta and fuchsia skirt suit with a jewel adorned collar from Banana Republic. Although she is a self proclaimed "black-only" devotee, she looked beautiful and elegant. Lastly, my sister is my biggest style inspiration. Two years my junior she is light-years ahead of me in the style department. She can make the most basic jeans look chic and always follows her heart, not the pages of a fashion magazine. She is always my biggest fashion supporter and critic. She knows my style inside out and always helps me think of new ways to improve my look.

I am really blessed to have these women in my life, they inspire me on a daily basis. Without their fabulous style, amazing support, and amazing "eyes" for details, I wouldn't be me (and that would be a darn shame!) Be inspired by everyone and everything!

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