Thursday, September 23, 2010

About Me (aka My 1st Post!)

So since this is my first post, I assume it is best to introduce myself...all I can hear in my head right now is Jay-Z saying, "allow me to introduce myself, my name is HOV, H to the O V." Anyway, back to me, because this blog is all about me! I don't know if that seems self-centered but it's actually true, and it's not like I am going to be narcissistic, just really Cassie-Strum-viewpoint-oriented!

Back to me...again. I am twenty-something college gal with a ton of personality and a definite love for women's fashion. I started following fashion in middle school, when I opened my first Vogue Magazine and my neighbor Robyn's house (I remember like it was yesterday). All the big, glossy ad campaigns, models with their perfect pouts and insanely perfect outfits drew me in like moth to a flame. Fast forward about 10 years and I am the same silly girl with long, brown, wavy, hippie hair, but I have found a style, and have been trying to establish it since. By establishing my style, I constantly look to other fashion blog and websites, as well as magazines, store catalogs, television and movie costume designs to learn what looks good together. I am self taught and even have written "Style & Fashion" articles for my college newspaper. I am also a member of a collegian, fashion blogging website for my college, which features over 35 top universities in the United States--so although I am no Karl Lagerfeld, I am no guppy.

I would love to share my fashion personality. I am unsure if this is because of my love of fellow fashion bloggers, but I am always inspired by what the people around me do and create. I used to be a self described "prep" meaning that if I thought something didn't look "J. Crew" enough I wouldn't wear it. Essentially, my wardrobe consisted of only said brand. I have evolved a lot since. I do not describe myself as fitting into one fashion category. Sometimes I want to be bohemian, draped in funky swirly patterns- with my wavy hair in full force. Other times I want to be a minimalist, straitened hair and an outfit with sleek and clean lines. I can be a prep with my Sperry boat shoes, or I can be a little "cozy-cute" with comfy and slouchy sweaters and leggings. Whatever the occasion, and whatever the time of day, I dress for me and no one else.

Fashion is an incredible outlet, inspiring and creative: there is no one right way to express yourself and this blog is a dedication to that testament. The have been so many instances in my life where I was directed to wear a certain style that didn't flatter me, just because someone told me to. Now, I wear what fits and skip what I truly believe doesn't fit my style aesthetic. I may not have the style that every reader wants or looks to replicate, but I have a style that works for me and I would love to share it, in the form of pictures and sources of inspiration that I love.

Thank you for reading, and please email me, comment, anything! I would love to hear from you fabulous people!
Decorate your soul!

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