Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bonvue Babes

Hi Guys! So this past Thursday I went to Bonvue for the first time (legally, I am now 21) with all my friends, to celebrate my birthday that was on Wednesday. We all wanted to dress up and look classy and edgy. When I think about ultimate class and rocker edge I channel my inner Taylor Momsen (however I try to keep it classier, although you got to admit it, the girl has a wild side!) and rock out, quite literally. We were fist-pumping the whole night and it was a great time. I wanted to wear something that I could dance comfortably in but still feel pretty, because hey, I was the birthday girl and I wanted everyone to know it.

Anyway, back to the outfit. In this post I am going to describe the elements of my style choices and where you can buy the same pieces. I don't know if this is a good way to go about fashion posts but I guess it is a "try it out and learn" type of thing, just like finding a unique style, see how clever I am? Okay, sorry no more random outbursts! I wore a tight black spaghetti strap tank top that I purchased at Forever21 for $6.00 (Yes, $6 dollars people.) Seriously invest in these tanks, even if just the black (basically all I wear is black anyway) because you can wear them with anything. I tuck them into skirts, pants, shorts, wear them under dresses and sweaters, I even sleep in them sometimes-fashion and function, I LOVE! Besides the tank I wore a black skirt that I just got at Target. It is the Marciano for Target brand and it is a cotton skirt with leather panels down the front and back of the skirt. The skirt cost only $30.00 which seems a bit stiff for Target, but I am a firm believer in the black skirt. I think I wear a black skirt at least once a week; so if you are anything like me and love little black skirts, invest in this piece, it is super comfortable too and pretty much stays in place (ladies, you do not want a skirt that rides up- not classy.) Lastly, I wore my favorite pair of BCBG wedges. They are black and tan leather peep toe wedges and I love them. They weren't comfortable at first (literally made my feet bleed walking the cobblestone streets of the West Village of New York City this summer) but now they are my go to shoes. They cost $50 and I got them at Marshalls. Marshalls is a very under-appreciated store. They have top brands, and I love the adrenaline rush I get when I find an amazing deal right off the racks, there is no better feeling! Wedges are so comfortable because the weight isn't just placed on the sole and heal of your foot. If you want to dance, pick wedges over stilettos.

Anyway, this was my first fashion post and I hope you all liked it. I assume I will change how I go about these things but did you like the price point and store information? I am trying to be as descriptive as possible. As always let me know what you are thinking and wearing; I would love to hear from my readers!

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