Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newport Living

I try to post my outfits on the day I actually wear them, however today I am posting a day late...but I have a good reason for my tardy post, I promise! Yesterday was Columbus Day aka no school on Monday! Therefore I went to the gym, relaxed and headed for Newport with my roommates (minus Elora who was home for the weekend, we missed you!) This was my second time in Newport during the long weekend, and I always love going, minus the botched Oktoberfest situation. Anyways, we decided to wander along the water and just soak up the sun. I still can't believe how beautiful it has been lately, warm and sunny, smelling like spring even though we are slowly approaching the highpoint of autumn. I always love watching the season change, especially to fall because I love seeing the changing colors of the leaves.

For my outfit today I really wanted to channel my inner classy-chic New Englander. I know I am originally from New York but I just love the style elements of New England: it's comfortable, relaxed, and always respectable. I decided to wear my black long sleeve pocket t-shirt that I got at Marshalls on clearance for $5.00 (and yes people you read that correctly). I always post about my amazing deals and finds at Marshall's and TJ's but this weekend I hit the mother load. I was stressed about upcoming work, boys, and my future (I am a senior eek!) and I just needed some retail therapy and this was one of my purchases. I also got a pair of cargo skinny jeans that I can't wait to post about. I paired that top with my Forever21 $13.50 skinny dark wash jeans that basically mold to your body. They legitimately suck you in so well, and for such a cheap price I stock up whenever I go there. Disclaimer: I have worked through about 5 pairs so far, they do not have such great wear and tear but they are a great deal and are easily replaceable. Did I mention they were super comfortable. I tucked the black t-shirt into my jeans with a studded brown leather belt from Hollister (worn in post here) and I really like the contrast of brown and black. I only tucked the front part in, I'm not sure why but I have been seeing that look a lot in magazines lately and wanted to give it a go. I think it adds the sophistication of wearing a shirt tucked in but relaxes the look a lot! Lastly, I wore my Stuart Weitzman tangerine flats with gold details that I got at Marshalls this summer for an astounding $99.00. I know that may still sound like a lot of money but they retail for $350.00 so I snatched these bad boys up quicker than you can say "cash or credit?"

I kept the hair really wavy, I let it air dry in the car while driving over the Newport Bridge, with the windows down and music blasting! Me and my friends danced in the car all the way to Newport and I had such an amazing time. The weekend always puts me in a great mood and I never really have a case of the Mondays. Since now Tuesday is Monday this week things may get confusing (is hump day still tomorrow?) But I have a great week ahead of me and I am seeing Kid Cudi tonight, he is preforming at my school. Maybe I will do a concert outfit post later on today. I can't believe I am not posting my outfit that I am wearing right now, but I guess that means I can wear it again and talk about it eventually (I am not a huge outfit repeater, just a little bit of one).

That makes me think of the line in the Lizzie McGuire Movie (yes girly I know):
Kate: Lizzie McGuire you are an outfit repeater!
Lizzie: Well your an outfit remember-er and that is just as bad!

Bye for now, enjoy the beautiful weather, I will be! I think I may even go to the beach!

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