Sunday, October 24, 2010

Major Girl Crush

Hi Hi Hi!!!

This weekend has been amazing and filled with tons of fun, but not so many pretty outfits. In my last post I mentioned how I hosted a "cowboys and Indian" social at my house, well let me confirm the "epicness" of this party. It was so much fun, I saw all of my friends and just had an overall great time. The house is still a mess, and the floor is sticky despite the many attempts to mop away the juice and beer that spilled into every crevice and corner of the living room. I have basically been in recovery mode since, cleaning and going to the gym, living in leggings and sweats.

I figured today would be the perfect lazy Sunday (although mine is more like a so-much-to-do-help-me Sunday). But I am going to procrastinate a little longer and post about my style crush/girl crush Olivia Palermo. Some may remember her as the evil snob from the MTV reality show THE CITY, but I blame the producers of the show for placing her in such a horrible light. I simply refuse to believe that someone with such effortless style and sophisticated taste is that much of a monster. I seriously love every single one of her outfits. Every shirt, dress, purse, even nail polish color hits the style mark in my book.

Embarrassing Fact:
I have a folder on my computer dedicated to pictures of her outfits and try to recreate them with my limited resources. I don't have the money she has nor the designer labels, but I give it the 'ol college try!

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